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Program Two newsletter - The Wood From The Trees

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Research Programme One: Managing and Monitoring for Growth and Health
Issue five- August 2009 e-newsletter
The Wood From The Trees - delivering better returns to plantation growers and wood processors

From the Program Manager

Chris Harwood- thumbChris Harwood reviews recent program activity. Project 2.5 'High-value wood products from sub-tropical plantations' will use a new rotary veneering research facility in Brisbane to efficiently study the wood quality of subtropical species ...

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Decisions, decisions, decisions ...

decision support screenshot Across the CRC, we are developing a range of decision support tools and systems. Here we look at how Forestry Tasmania’s silvicultural decision support system is being used, and how CRC research could help to improve it ...

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Molecular breeding to improve wood quality

Jules Freeman measuring treesTeams at the University of Melbourne and the University of Tasmania are using complementary research approaches that will help us identify and exploit variation in the genes that affect pulpwood quality ...

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Geographic variation in blackbutt

Tim SextonA recently completed, range-wide study of genetic variation has revealed that there are two geographic races in blackbutt (Eucalyptus pilularis) ...

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Breeding shining gum for solid-wood products

sections from processed boardsRecent research shows that internal checking, an important value-limiting defect of plantation-grown shining gum, is under genetic control and could be improved by breeding ...

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Improving sawing and drying of plantation-grown shining gum

quarter sawn boardsThe CRC’s second major sawing trial of plantation-grown shining gum used a linear sawing system and carefully controlled drying schedules. Higher recovery rates of sawn boards were achieved, while surface checking was virtually eliminated, and internal checking reduced in the sawn boards ...  [read more]

Effects of spacing on growth of blue gum

graph of blue gum stocking A CRC technical report by Tom Baker and co-authors examines how stocking in blue gum pulpwood plantations affect growth, tree diameter distribution at harvest, recovery of marketable pulpwood, harvesting cost and financial returns ...

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NIR provides new insights into wood quality

NIR graphGeoff Downes and his team in Project 2.4 have developed near infra-red (NIR) calibrations to predict radial trends in cellulose content and pulp yield of thousands of trees by scanning NIR spectra of radial wood samples such as increment cores. This will provide information on pulpwood and sawlog value, at low cost ...                        [read more]