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The Monitor - Issue 5 - Introducing Dr Dean Severino

Dean Severino is the new Project Steering Committee Chair for Project 1.4.  Dean is a Senior Research Forester at Great Southern Limited and is currently based in the Northern Territory.

Dean came to Great Southern Limited in April 2008. He studied forest science and has more than ten years of experience in plantation management, inventory and eucalypt-sawlog research in south-eastern Australia. More recently, he completed his PhD through the Department of Forest and Ecosystem Science at the University of Melbourne, studying the effects of nutrient addition on soil-water chemistry in native eucalypt forests.

He is now working in the monsoon tropics, on research aimed at improving the productivity of Great Southern Limited’s Tiwi Island plantation estate. This is being done through a range of nutrition, silviculture and taxa-by-site trials. Currently the estate is almost entirely made up of Acacia mangium. However Eucalyptus pellita is a potentially significant alternative taxon for future commercial establishment and has shown promising growth, form and disease resistance in early studies by the CSIRO.

Dean says: “This project, parameterising CABALA in northern Australia and on Melville Island in particular, is great value. It’s an effective way to learn more about relatively novel plantation species, but, also importantly, about our extremely novel and challenging soil and climatic conditions, and the wider implications for plantation growth and species selection.”

Dr Dean Severino

Great Southern Limited
Tel: 08 8943 1600