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Program Three newsletter: The Log

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Research Programme Three: Harvesting and Operations
Issue five - July 2010 e-newsletter
The Log - practical forest harvesting improvements

From the program leader, Mark Brown

image of forwarding logsIn this introduction, Mark Brown introduces two new members of the research team, and three international visitors. It has been another action-packed six months since the last edition of The Log and there is much progress to share from the harvesting and operations program ...

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Profile: Mohammad Ghaffariyan – Research Fellow

image of Mohammad GhaffariyanMohammad Ghaffariyan recently joined the Program Three ‘Harvesting and operations’ research team and is based in Hobart at the University of Tasmania. He joins us from Iran via Austria where he recently finished his PhD in forest engineering. He introduces himself here …

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Profile: Rick Mitchell – Research Technician

image of Rick MitchellRick Mitchell recently started work as a research technician with the CRC for Forestry’s Program Three ‘Harvesting and operations’ team based in Albany, WA, hosted through WAPRES. His role will be research field work, data collection and management, and liaison with industry partners active in CRC for Forestry projects ...

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Research activity: Use of mechanised felling systems in hard conditions

image of mechanised felling in hard conditions in TasmaniaA trial project is evaluating the forest and terrain factors (piece size, topography, ground conditions) that limit effectively implementing mechanical felling systems in regrowth clearcut operations in Tasmania. The study also aims to evaluate the conditions in which mechanical felling systems are preferable to motor-manual (chainsaw) felling systems for both efficiency and safety ...

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Research activity: Wood recovery from different harvest systems in blue gum plantations

image of roadside chipping in blue gum plantationStudies are underway to explore how different harvesting systems affect yield in blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus) plantations destined for export woodchips. More research is required, but early indications show yields from in-field chipping to be greater than log yields …

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Research activity: 'FiberPlus' - the impact of harvesting a small-dimension volume-recovery product

image of fibreplus chipsEarly results from CRC research suggest a triple win for everyone in the log supply chain. In a radiata pine plantation in NSW, a small secondary biomass product, ‘FibrePlus’, was extracted during a cut-to-length harvesting operation. The impact on harvesting productivity was small, the FibrePlus was suitable for papermaking, and its extraction will make site preparation for the next rotation easier and cheaper ...

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Research activity - Onboard systems trial

image of onboard computersIn this article, Martin Strandgard gives an update on the progress of three trials of onboard computers. In South Australia, an onboard computer has been installed in a forwarder in a radiata pine harvesting operation. RouteHawk computers are being installed in a blue gum harvesting system in WA. And in Victoria, Multidat computers are helping to identify bottlenecks in native forest harvesting operations ...

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Bulletins: Latest off the press

research bulletins program 3 - thumbThree bulletins have been released since the last edition of The Log: 'Comparing harvester productivity in third-row versus fifth-row thinning of a Eucalyptus nitens plantation', 'Review of commercial wood-fuelled electricity and heat generation technologies', and 'Forest truck fuel consumption survey' ...

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Have your say

We welcome your comments on issues in The Log. Please contact Program Manager Mark Brown if you would like to contribute to future editions. Feel free to contact any of the 'Harvesting and operations' program team members—Mark Brown, Martin Strandgard, Mauricio Acuna, John Wiedemann, Damian Walsh, Mohammad Ghaffariyan, Rick Mitchell—if you have any questions about current or future activities, or would like greater detail on anything reported in this newsletter.