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Fact sheets and industry bulletins

Trees in the landscape bulletins

The 'Trees in the landscape' research program (Program Four of the CRC for Forestry's research programs) released the following industry bulletin:

Bulletin 14, December 2010, 'Guidelines for mitigating impacts on erosion and water quality from post-fire salvage harvesting', by Hugh Smith, Gary Sheridan, Pat Lane and Leon Bren. Download Bulletin 14 here.

High-value wood resources bulletins

The 'High value wood resources' research program (Program Two of the CRC for Forestry's research programs) released the following industry bulletin:

Bulletin 13, November 2010, 'Sawn timber from native forests and plantations in Tasmania', by Chris Harwood. Download Bulletin 13 here.

Harvesting and operations bulletins

The 'Harvesting and operations' research program (Program Three of the CRC for Forestry)  released a number of industry bulletins. Members of the CRC for Forestry can access the bulletins on the CRC for Forestry members' website. Otherwise, contact Program Manager Mark Brown to inquire about obtaining copies.

  • Bulletin 31, September 2012, "Assessment of harvest residues from different harvesting operation sites in Australia", by Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan
  • Bulletin 30, September 2012, "Reducing forestry transport costs with FastTRUCK", by Luke Mirowski and Mauricio Acuna
  • Bulletin 29, June 2012, "Comparing the efficiency of four harvesting methods in a blue gum plantation in south-west Western Australia", by Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan and John Sessions
  • Bulletin 28, June 2012, "Maintaining harvester measurement accuracy to maximise value recovery", by Martin Strandgard and Damian Walsh
  • Bulletin 27, June 2012, "Volume recovery comparison for four different harvesting methods in short-rotation blue gum plantations", by Rick Mitchell and John Wiedemann
  • Bulletin 26, May 2012, "Quantifying the value recovery improvement using a harvester optimiser", by Damian Walsh
  • Bulletin 25, May 2012, "Evaluation of the Hitman PH330 acoustic assessment system for harvesters", by Damian Walsh, Steve Ardille and Peter Carter
  • Bulletin 24, May 2012, "Machine productivity of roadside chipping in a thinned pine plantation", by Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan
  • Bulletin 23, May 2012, "Evaluating a cut-to-length harvesting system in Tasmania", by Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan and Mauricio Acuna
  • Bulletin 22, March 2012, "Choosing the right feller-buncher head for maximum volume extraction", by Martin Strandgard and Rick Mitchell
  • Bulletin 21, January 2012, "Review of new ground-based logging technologies for steep terrain", by Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan, Mauricio Acuna and Pierre Ackerman
  • Bulletin 20, August 2011, "Application of MultiDAT onboard computers for management of native forest harvest operations", by Martin Strandgard
  • Bulletin 19, July 2011, "Harvesting low-productivity eucalypt plantations for biomass", by Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan and John Wiedemann
  • Bulletin 18, July 2011, "'FibrePlus' study: Harvesting stemwood waste pieces in pine clearfall", by Damian Walsh, John Wiedemann, Martin Strandgard, Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan and Justin Skinnell
  • Bulletin 17, May 2011, "Bunching stems in steep slopes for efficient yarder extraction", by Mauricio Acuna, Justin Skinnell, Rick Mitchell and Tony Evanson
  • Bulletin 16, April 2011, "Productivity of the Bruks chipper when harvesting forest biomass in pine plantations", by Mohammad Ghaffariyan, Mauricio Acuna, John Wiedemann and Rick Mitchell
  • Bulletin 15, February 2011, 'Bundling harvest residue in shining gum plantations', by Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan and Vlatko Andorovski
  • (Bulletins 13 and 14 relate to different research areas: Bulletin 13 explores the properties of sawn timber from native forests and plantations in Tasmania; Bulletin 14 proposes best-practice guidelines for mitigating the impact of post-fire salvage harvesting on water quality and erosion.)
  • Bulletin 12, October 2010, 'Benchmarking feller-buncher productivity in Western Australian blue gum plantations', by Martin Strandgard and Rick Mitchell
  • Bulletin 11, September 2010, 'Analysis of factors that affect the transport efficiency of in-field chipping operations', by Mauricio Acuna, Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan and Mark Brown
  • Bulletin 10, September 2010, 'European biomass harvesting systems and their application in Australia', by Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan
  • Bulletin 9,  August 2010, 'Preliminary results: volume recovery comparison of different harvesting systems in short-rotation hardwood plantations', by John Wiedemann and Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan
  • Bulletin 8, April 2010, 'Forest truck fuel consumption survey', by Rhys Griffin and Mark Brown
  • Bulletin 7,  April 2010, 'Review of commercial wood-fuelled electricity and heat generation technologies', by David Coote
  • Bulletin 6, December 2009, 'Comparing harvester productivity in third-row versus fifth-row thinning of a Eucalyptus nitens plantation', by Martin Strandgard
  • Bulletin 5, June 2009, 'Effects of different stocking densities on harvesting of blue gum stands in Western Australia', by Mauricio Acuna, John Wiedemann and Ernie Heidersdorf
  • Bulletin 4, April 2009, 'Evaluation of an in-field chipping operation in Western Australia', by Mauricio Acuna, John Wiedemann and Martin Strandgard
  • Bulletin 3, December 2008, 'The impact of tare weight on transportation efficiency in Australian forest operations', by Mark Brown
  • Bulletin 2, October 2008, 'Best practice harvester calibration', by Martin Strandgard
  • Bulletin 1, September 2008, 'Impact of piece size and slope on productivity and costs of CTL harvesting equipment', by Tom Fisk and Mauricio Acuna

Fact sheets

Soil water stores in second rotation blue gum plantations
Fact sheet 3, August 2008. [pdf 92.6 kb]

CRC Forestry research into alternative management strategies to mitigate mammal browsing damage in plantations
Fact sheet 2, July 2005. Researchers have been investigating alternatives to 1080 poisoning at the CRC for Temperate Hardwood Forestry and CRC for Sustainable Production Forestry for the last 10 years. In this time significant research outcomes have been presented that may offer some alternative strategies to mammal browsing control. Any one of these alternative strategies used in isolation may not be as effective as current control strategies. If, however, they are used as an integrated pest management strategy then a combination of the below alternatives may decrease browsing in plantations to a level that is acceptable by tree growers. [pdf 41.0 kb]

Alternatives to clearfell harvesting
Fact sheet 1, July 2005. [pdf 29.9 kb]