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Goals of the CRC for Forestry

Primary goals

The CRC fostered research to

- maintain and improve security of access to land and resources for the forest industry by:

  • developing strategies that consolidated the industry’s social licence to operate
  • increasing investment confidence in the establishment of new forestry ventures
  • identifying pathways for the industry to contribute positively to pressing environmental and social issues (including carbon sequestration, wildfire and  water resource management)

- increase yields and reduce the costs of production through improvements in site selection, resource monitoring and management

- increase the value of wood products through more targeted breeding and silviculture

- reduce the cost of delivered wood through development and communication of safer, more efficient harvesting, handling and transport

- increase capacity for innovation and continuous improvement by training greater numbers of industry-oriented researchers, building lasting knowledge networks and improving industry access to global expertise.

Pathways to achievement

Good communication was central to the achievement of our purpose. We were committed to a culture of openness, and to maintaining a balance between knowledge discovery and knowledge delivery. Communication functions included:

  • sharing information between research partners, enhancing collaboration and synergy
  • exchanging knowledge between research providers and research users, enabling  uptake of relevant knowledge by various sectors of the industry
  • ensuring relevance and responsiveness to stakeholder needs of the CRC’s research, education and communication activities
  • making science-based knowledge relating to forests and forestry accessible to the wider community
  • identifying and bringing best international practice to the Australian industry.