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High value wood resources

Program Manager: Dr Chris Harwood

Research in genetics, silviculture and wood quality assessment was integrated in this program to increase the value and profitability of eucalypt plantations.

Some CRC members were growing plantations solely for pulpwood, and were primarily interested in improving volume production, optimising wood density and pulp yield.­

Other members developed plantations to serve solid and engineered-wood markets, where different log and wood quality criteria are important.

RP2_3or4spareThe relationships between log and wood traits and performance in processing systems (for example, sawing and drying performance) are critical in defining and improving value.

Therefore, we conducted processing studies and liaised closely with other processing research groups to better understand the wood properties that drive value for different end uses.

Major program outputs included:

  • tools and methods for quantitative and molecular breeding for pulpwood and solid wood breeding objectives
  • empirical models of growth and size class distribution in silviculturally managed stands designed to link to the process-based models of CRC Research Program One
  • improved understanding of how the scheduling of pruning and thinning affect log and wood traits, processing performance and consequent value
  • improved assessment methods for key wood traits at the individual tree and stand levels
  • decision-support systems that integrate information on germplasm, site, silviculture and stand assessment to enable plantation managers to maximise profitability for defined end uses.

Program structure:

  • Project 2.1 Breeding for high value wood products
  • Project 2.2 Silviculture for high value solid and engineered wood products
  • Project 2.3 Impact of silviculture interventions on wood quality into plantation estate management
  • Project 2.4 Incorporating wood quality into plantation estate management
  • Project 2.5 High value wood products from subtropical plantations


Dr Chris Harwood
Tel: +61 3 6237-5664


2008 - Technical Report 168: Goulds country Eucalyptus nitens thinning trial
by R Washusen, C Harwood, A Morrow, JC Valencia, P Volker, M Wood, T Innes, D Ngo, R Northway and M Bojadzic [pdf 2.6 Mb]

2008 - Technical Report 188 - Plantation grown eucalypts for high value solid-wood products
Technical Report 188 Plantation grown eucalypts for high-value solid-wood products by Wood, Volker, Beadle, Harwood, Medhurt 2008 [pdf 39.0 kb]

2010 April - Technical Report 200 - Plantation-grown Eucalyptus nitens: Solid wood quality and processing performance
by P Blakemore, A Morrow, Dung Ngo, R Washusen, C Harwood, R Northway, M Wood, P Volker, H Porada [pdf 2.9 Mb]

2010 November - Bulletin 13 - Sawn timber from native forests and plantations in Tasmania
by Chris Harwood [pdf 360.8 kb]

2010 September - Technical Report 202: Evaluation of thin-section quarter-sawn boards and rotary veneer from plantation-grown E nitens
by P Blakemore, A Morrow, R Washusen, C Harwood, M Wood, D Ngo [pdf 786.5 kb]