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Welcome to the Parliament of Australia


Parliament House

  • Parliament House

    The House of Representatives and the Senate will next meet on 8 to 10 May 2012. The Federal Budget will be presented at 7.30 pm on Tuesday, 8 May 2012. Budget papers available here.

  • Senate Chamber

    The Senate consists of 76 senators - 12 from each state and 2 from each territory. A partner with the House in the legislative process, the Senate conducts much of its work through an established committee system, including the budget estimates accountability process.

  • House of Representatives Chamber

    The House of Representatives , known as the people's house, is where government is formed. It has 150 members, and the party or parties able to gain the support of the majority of the House form government. The House's other roles are to debate proposed laws, watch over government expenditure, including through its committee system, and to provide a forum for public debate on issues of national importance.


Parliamentary Committees

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives have extensive committee systems, and also work together on a number of joint committees. To find out more about the work of committees:

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Parliamentary Library

Parliamentary Library

The Parliamentary Library is part of the Department of Parliamentary Services and provides services to senators, members, their staff and the staff of committees.

The first library services were delivered to federal parliament in 1901 and continue to provide significant support to parliament and the democratic process.

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Experience Parliament

Experience Parliament - The Great Verandah (Courtesy of AUSPIC)

A visit to Parliament House offers you the chance to be a part of democracy in action.


Learn more about Parliament

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Educational resources are available for you to learn more about Parliament.

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