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Pevay (Tunnerminnerwaite) (1811–42), north-west Aborigine, was a member of the Parperloihener tribe of Robbins Island. Following the Van Diemen's Land Company's decimation of his tribe, Pevay met up with Robinson and joined his Friendly Mission in 1830. During an expedition to the west coast in 1832, Pevay supported Wyne, the chieftain of the Tarkiner, in a failed attempt to kill Robinson. Pevay was taken to Flinders Island in 1834, then accompanied Robinson to Port Phillip in 1839.

In 1841 Pevay led his wife Woreterpyeerternanne, Timme, Truganini and Maytepueminer in a series of raids on settlers. They were captured in November after murdering two whalers in South Gippsland. Robinson spoke on behalf of Truganini at the trial but undermined Pevay's defence. On 20 January 1842, Pevay and Timme were hanged in Melbourne's first execution.

Further reading: I McFarlane, 'Aboriginal society in north west Tasmania ', PhD thesis, UT, 2002.

Ian McFarlane