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Talbot Family

Malahide, Fingal in 1899 (AOT, PH30/1/3964)

The Talbot family were lords of Malahide Castle in Ireland from 1184 to 1976. In 1821 William Talbot, a sixth son, was granted 3000 acres at Fingal, Tasmania, which he developed into a prosperous sheep station called Malahide. Many Talbots did not marry; William left Malahide to a nephew, and eventually Lord Milo Talbot inherited both Malahides, in Ireland and Tasmania, his sister Rose Talbot living in the latter.

A keen gardener, Lord Milo grew Tasmanian plants in Ireland, and from 1967 he and his sister sponsored the publication of six volumes of Endemic Flora of Tasmania, by Margaret Stones and Winifred Curtis. They also built up an extensive art collection. After Lord Milo's death in 1973, Malahide in Ireland was sold. In 2004 Miss Talbot still lived at Malahide, Tasmania, which was owned by a Talbot cousin.

Further reading: T O'Shea, The Talbots and Malahide castle, Dublin, 1992.

Alison Alexander