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Many hundreds of people around Tasmania and on the mainland assisted with the Companion, and thanks are due to a large number of people.

The project was made possible by two research grants. The Australian Research Council provided a Linkage Grant, and the committee would like to thank our Linkage partners for the assistance they have provided: the Parliament of Tasmania, National Trust of Australia (Tasmania), Battery Point Group, Tourism Tasmania, Tasmaniana Library (State Library of Tasmania), Archives Office of Tasmania, National Archives of Australia, Astrolabe Books, Tasmanian Historical Research Association, Bothwell Historical Society, Glamorgan Spring Bay Historical Society, Launceston Historical Society, Lindisfarne Historical Society, and Clarence Plains Historical Society. A smaller grant was obtained from the Tasmanian Bicentenary Office. Much support, in funding and otherwise, came from the School of History and Classics at the University of Tasmania.

Alison Alexander was the Editor of the Companion, and members of the Companion committee (Michael Roe, Henry Reynolds, Stefan Petrow, Michael Sprod, Jill Cassidy and Barbara Valentine) were always available to assist and advise the editor, and gave freely of their time and expertise in many areas over the two-year period it took to compile the Companion.

In areas where committee members had less knowledge, experts were requested to assist. Thanks are due to Carol Bacon and Greg Dickens at Mineral Resources Tasmania, who drew up a list of mining topics and wrote most of them; Sue Backhouse of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, who drew up a list of major Tasmanian artists, and Jan Peacock and her art group who wrote many of the articles; the staff of Parliament House, who provided many political entries; David Young, who allowed use of his manuscript ‘Sporting Island' before publication, enabling histories of many individual sports to be written from the information; Barry McNeill and Eric Ratcliff, who oversaw and wrote many of the entries on architectural topics; Bruce Felmingham, who did the same with Economics; Peter Pierce and Philip Mead for their advice on literary entries; Peter Henning, the Companion's military authority; Graeme Broxam on shipping and shipwrecks; and Margaret Harman of the Tasmaniana Library who wrote many of the entries on towns. For general assistance and advice, the committee would like to thank the staff of the Tasmaniana Library (State Library of Tasmania) under Tony Marshall; the staff of the Archives Office of Tasmania under Ian Pearce; and the staff of the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery under Chris Tassell, who provided much assistance.

Many people were asked for information about their particular industry or establishment, and thanks are due here, as a small example, to Geoff Lewis of the Tasmanian Bus Association for his advice on the history of bus services; Kelli Patmore at TasSport who provided information about those inducted into the Tasmania Sporting Hall of Fame, and Marie McCulloch at the Axemen's Hall of Fame.

Many thanks are due to all the 430 authors who spend a great deal of time and effort in researching and writing the entries, starting from scratch in some subjects where no previous research had been done. Nearing the end of the project, when some authors were obviously not going to produce their promised contribution, a number of people offered to research and write articles, in particular Michael Bennett, Graham Clements, Caroline Evans, Peter Mercer, Jeff Ransley, Dan Sprod and John Williamson.

Thanks are due to all those who read and checked all or some of the entries, and made helpful suggestions. Many were members of Linkage partners. Jill Cassidy, Stefan Petrow, Michael Roe, Barbara Valentine and Alison Alexander on the committee, and Robin Barker, Graham Clements, Lorene Furmage, Sue Johnson, Leonie Mickleborough, Sarah Rackham, Jeff Ransley, Wayne Smith and Elisabeth Wilson, as consultant historians, read every article. Others who read articles were David Dunbabin, Margaret Harvey, Audrey Hudspeth, Andrew and Mary McKinlay, Cynthia O'Neill, Diane Phillips, and Ralph Rallings, Kate Ramsay and Mary Ramsay. Proofs were read by Vicki Harrison, Wendy Rimon, Michael Sprod and Alison Alexander. Jeff Ransley assisted with the task of cross-referencing.

The Tasmaniana Library (State Library of Tasmania) provided most of the photographs and assisted in the choice: the aim was to depict all aspects of history all around Tasmania. Staff of the Tasmaniana Library were particularly generous in assisting the Companion in a multitude of ways. Thanks are also due to Brendan Lyons and the Archives Office of Tasmania, who each provided one photograph. The maps were ably produced by Tasmap, in the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment. Appendix 1, Aboriginal place-names, was provided by John Taylor, and Appendices 1, 2 and 3, of Members of Parliament, by the staff of the Parliamentary Library.

The Companion was designed by Michael Sprod and Alison Alexander, and page design and layout was completed by Cate Lowry and Sheila Allison of the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, University of Tasmania. The jacket was designed by Lorinda Taylor. The secretarial staff of the School of History and Classics, Lyn Rainbird and Terri-Lee Sculthorpe, assisted in many ways during the compilation of the Companion.

The research assistant, Wendy Rimon, was a tower of strength, able, co-operative and helpful. While working on her MA degree and completing other studies, she researched and wrote many articles, checked facts, provided advice and proof-read the manuscript.

More people assisted with producing the CD version of The Companion to Tasmanian History. It was designed by Bryan Stait of Parliament House, Hobart, who kindly provided much assistance during compilation, and Lorinda Taylor designed the attractive cover. Illustrations were generously provided by the Heritage Collections, State Library of Tasmania; the Archives Office of Tasmania; and the Parliament of Tasmania, as well as a number of individuals and organisations. Alison Alexander did most of the work of preparing the Companion as a CD, and Wendy Rimon formed many of the thousands of hyperlinks necessary. Richard Barker and Nigel McKinlay of the University of Tasmania provided valuable technical advice. Many authors suggested and wrote new articles, and others extended their original articles, while Michael Bennett's advocacy made the project possible and the Head of School, Peter Davis, continued his support. Thanks are due to all the above people for their assistance with The Companion to Tasmania History.

Companion Authors

Keith Adkins, Launceston, book conservator
Alison Alexander, Hobart, historian
Ted Alexander, Hobart, student
James RM Alexander, Hobart, lecturer in Psychology
Associate Professor Stephen Alomes, Melbourne, historian
Mrs Jessie Ambroz, Springfield, home duties
Max Angus AM, Hobart, artist
Bridget Arkless, Launceston, museum curator
Bain Attwood, Melbourne, historian

Sue Backhouse, Hobart, curator of Art
Ms Carol A Bacon, Hobart, geologist
Margaret Bailey, Bicheno
Dorothy Baker/Crocker, Grove, retired hotelier
Dr Max Banks AM, Sandy Bay, retired Reader in Geology
Dr Marita E Bardenhagen, Windmill Hill, Launceston, historian
Robin Barker, Hobart, retired biologist
Kenn Batt, Canberra, meteorologist
Dr Trevor C Beard OBE, Hobart, retired general practitioner, research (epidemiology)
Michael Bennett, Hobart, Professor of History, University of Tasmania
Scott Bennett, Canberra, political scientist
Peter M Bennison, Officer of the Tasmanian Parliament, Hobart
Dr Quentin Beresford, Perth, university lecturer
Ted Best AM, Hobart, former Cadbury director
Damian Bester, New Norfolk, journalist
Mrs Dot Beswick, Gravelly Beach
The Hon R John Beswick, Gravelly Beach, retired politician
Santidhammo Bhikku, Hobart, monk
Sir Max Bingham QC, Hobart, retired lawyer, politician and bureaucrat
Mike Bingham, Hobart, journalist
Chris Binks, Devonport, retired teacher
Dr David Bird, Melbourne, teacher
Frank Bolt, Kingston, town planner
Ralph Bottrill, Margate, geologist
Max Bound, Hobart, retired miner, building worker, organiser, research co-ordinator
Tim Bowden AM, Pacific Palms, New South Wales, author and broadcaster
James Boyce, Hobart, PhD student
Emeritus Professor Peter Boyce AO, Hobart, retired academic
Kim Boyer JP, Hobart, academic in rural health, retired senior bureaucrat
Dr Shayne Breen, Launceston, lecturer
Stuart Bridges, Hobart, manager
Helen Bridgland, Hobart, artist and teacher
Mrs Cynthia H Brock, Launceston, teacher
Lindsay Broughton, Hobart, artist & Head of Drawing, Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania
Bruce Brown, Murrumbateman, New South Wales, lawyer
Tony Brown, Hobart, geologist and colonial art historian
Dr Jeff Brownrigg, Canberra, archivist
Graeme Broxam, Canberra, amateur author/historian/publisher, public servant
Victoria Burley, Hobart, music teacher
Mr Peter Burns, Launceston, retired carpenter, brickmaker, historian
Valerie Burns, Westbury, retired educator
Robert B Bye, Hobart, secretary/manager

Patsy Cameron, Tomahawk, Aboriginal cultural heritage educator/consultant
Colin Campbell, Swansea, retired farmer
John Cannon, Hobart, media officer, bushwalking columnist
Jill Cassidy, Launceston, oral historian, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
Mr Gerard Castles, Hobart, corporate communication consultant
Peter Chapman, Hobart, history lecturer
Mrs Susan Chen, Burnie, school principal
Neil Chick, Hobart, former lecturer in Geography and Environment Studies, now genealogist
Ms Jane Clarke, Franklin, teacher
Mr Graham Clements, Hobart, retired superintendent of high schools
Matthew A Cloudsdale, Launceston, teacher
Peter Cocker, Sulphur Creek, teacher
Bruce Cole, Hobart, retired engineer
Dr William Coleman, Canberra, economist
Emeritus Professor Eric Acheson Colhoun ScD, Hobart, quaternary geomorphologist
Ms Anne-Marie Conde, Gunning, NSW, historian
Frank Conrow, Hobart, English language teacher
Dale Cooke, Hobart, research officer
Dr Andrew Corbett, Launceston, minister of religion
Patti Cosgrove, Hobart, secretary CWA in Tasmania (Inc)
Peter Cox, George Town, retired teacher
John Craig, Geelong, retired university lecturer
CA Cranston, Launceston, lecturer
Patsy Crawford, St Marys, journalist
Ann Cripps, Hobart, garden history consultant
Peter Cripps, Hobart, architect
Dr Jan Critchett, Launceston, retired academic, historian
Rodney Croome AM, Hobart, human rights advocate
Dr Simon Cubit, Hobart, consultant
Mr John Currey, Melbourne, publisher

John Dance OAM, Cygnet, retired Telecom draftsman, historian
Mr Dennis Daniels, Hobart, PSM, social worker and welfare administrator, retired
Dr John A Davidson, Hobart, university lecturer
Rosemary Davidson, Hobart, teacher aide, delegate, state committee Tasmanian Family History Society
Lynn Davies, Hobart, researcher
Mrs Bev Davis OAM, Bruny Island, retired registered nurse
Emeritus Professor Richard P Davis FAHA, Hobart, historian
Professor Graeme Davison, Melbourne, historian
Elizabeth de Quincey, Briagolong, Victoria, author
Michael Denholm, Hobart, writer
Colleen Dibley, Preolenna, librarian
Mr Greg J Dickens, Hobart, public servant
Liz Dombrovskis, Hobart, publisher
Marion Dowsett, Bellerive, housewife and historian
Mrs Joyce Dunbabin, Swansea, retired librarian
Tom Dunbabin, Dunalley, farmer
Dr Tom Dunning, Launceston, historian
Professor Terence Dwyer AM, Hobart, medical researcher
Alan Dyer, Sheffield, retired businessman and historian
Sue Dyson and Roger McShane, Hobart, computer consultants and restaurant reviewers

Mrs Berenice Eastman, Hobart, retired school librarian
Henry Edgell, Bothwell, farmer
Paul B Edwards, Captain (CMF Ret), Hawley Beach, retired industrial chemist
Ann Elias, Hobart, retired librarian
Peter Elias, Hobart, retired dental practitioner
Emeritus Professor David Elliott, FAustMS, FIMA, Hobart, retired mathematician
Dr Richard Ely, Hobart, historian
Dr Caroline Evans, Hobart, historian
Kathryn Evans, Hobart, historian
Dr Peter Evans, Hobart, dental surgeon
Jim Everett, Hobart, writer

Peter R Fagan, Sydney, writer
Dr Stephanie Farrall, Hobart, retired school principal
Bruce Felmingham, Hobart, journeyman economist
Heather Felton, Hobart, public servant
Ken Felton, MF, MIFA, Hobart, retired forester
Paul Fenton, West Hobart, company director
Peter Fielding, Oatlands, historian
Jill Finch, Hobart, pharmacist
Eleanor (Lea) Finlay, Hobart, retired teacher
Henry Finlay, Hobart, family lawyer
Ric Finlay, West Hobart, teacher
Ms Diane Foster, Hobart, art student
Shirley Foster, Hobart, retired teacher
Lucy Frost, Lower Snug, Professor of English

Ivan Gaggin, Hobart, retired civil engineer
Mrs Faye Gardam OAM, Port Sorell, historian
Associate Professor Don Garden, History & Philosophy of Science, University of Melbourne
Helen Gee, teacher, environmentalist and writer
Miss Patricia Giles, Hobart, artist
Dr Sheila Given, Kingston Beach, writer, retired primary school principal
Margaret Glover, Hobart, retired archivist
Dr Julie Gough, Melbourne, Curator of Indigenous Art, National Gallery of Victoria
Mrs Joan Graney, Kingston Beach, family historian
Linley Grant, OAM, Hobart, Guide leader 1959–1999
Malcolm Grant, Hobart, former Scout leader
Mr Alex O Green, Campania, historian and farmer
Sir Guy Green, Hobart, former Governor of Tasmania
Kevin Green, Hobart, postgraduate student
John Greenhill, Hobart, retired physicist
Annie Greig, Karoola, TasDance Artistic Director
Wojciech Grun, Hobart, mining engineer
Thomas Gunn, Bellbuoy Beach, research assistant

Mervyn Haines, Hobart, estimator
Mr Maurice Stanley Hallam, Nubeena, retired farmer
Des Hanlon, Hobart, raconteur and guide to Battery Point
David Hansen, Hobart, curator
John Hargrave, Hobart, public servant
Nigel Hargraves, Hobart, retired public servant
Mrs Margaret Harman, Hobart, librarian, Tasmaniana Library, State Library of Tasmania
Lloyd J Harris CBE, Burnie, retired newspaper publisher
Stephen Harris, Hobart, botanist
Anthony J Harrison, Hobart, fisheries consultant
Philip Hart, Hamilton, New Zealand, retired history lecturer
Mrs Judith Hastie, Swansea, retired teacher
Dr Nic Haygarth, Perth (Tasmania), historian and freelance writer
Dr Raymond Haynes, Hobart, retired astrophysicist
Dr Roslynn Haynes, Hobart, retired Associate Professor
Mr Ivan Heazlewood, Whitemore, retired farmer
Peter I Henning, Exeter, historian, writer, olive grower
Jim Heys, Hobart, retired librarian
Mrs Rachel Hibberd, BA, Hobart, administration officer and student
David Hodgson, Hobart, private historian
Dr Michael Hodgson, Hobart, anaesthetist
Shirley Hodgson, Hobart, retired adult educator
Judy Hollingsworth, Launceston, retired local studies librarian
Mr Viv Holloway OAM, Hobart, retired accountant, long-term tennis player
Mr Robin TJ Holyman, Launceston, company director
John Honey, Margate, writer and film maker
Mr Robin K Hood AM, Hobart, retired physical education teacher, past president, Rotary Club of Hobart
Elspeth Hope-Johnstone, Hobart, retired early childhood education administrator
Adrian Howard, Hobart, training consultant
Associate Professor PA Howell, Norwood, South Australia, historian
Chris Hudson, Hobart, graphic designer
Audrey Hudspeth, Lindisfarne, historian
Nevin Hurst, Hobart, art gallery owner
Helen Hutchinson, Hobart, doctoral candidate
Hugh Hutchinson, Hobart, retired meteorologist

Mrs Rayleen Irvine, Whitefoord, farmer

Ms Elizabeth Hamilton Jack, Launceston, sports administrator
Dr Natalie Jackson, Hobart, Senior Lecturer in Social Demography, University of Tasmania
Adrian O Jacobson, Hobart, retired teacher/cinema manager
David James, Hobart, meteorologist
Louise James, Launceston, History Collections Manager, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
Jeff Jennings, Bridport, photographer, retired teacher
Ellen Jensen, Copenhagen, personal assistant at Australian Embassy
Tim Jetson, Leslie Vale, historian
Nancy Jiracek, Lauderdale, retired general manager, TAFE Tasmania
Craig Joel, Hobart, police officer
Christa Johannes, Bonnet Hill, retired curator of art
Peter D Jones, Hobart, teacher
Dr Greg Jordan, Hobart, botanist
Ms Renée Jordan, Hobart, postgraduate student
Emeritus Professor William David Joske, Hobart, formerly Professor of Philosophy, University of Tasmania
Associate Professor Roberta Julian, Hobart, sociologist/academic

Mrs Helen Kalis, Hobart, businesswoman
Dr Gintaras Kantvilas, Hobart, botanist
Dr Luda Kedova, Woodbridge, historian
Andrew Kemp, Hobart, businessman
Anne Killalea, Hobart, teacher
Dr Mary Kille, Table Cape, retired medical practitioner
Ms Glenda J King, Launceston, Curator of Decorative Arts & Design, Queen Victoria Museum and
Art Gallery
Simon Kleinig, Adelaide, retired retailer
Dr Douglas Knehans, Hobart, Professor of Music and Director, University of Tasmania Conservatorium of Music
Hendrik Kolenberg, Sydney, Senior Curator of Australian Prints, Drawings and Watercolours, Art Gallery of New South Wales
Mr Ansumana Koroma, Hobart, teacher, social worker/community worker
Jill Koshin, Launceston, historian
Mrs Barbara Kregor, Sorell, retired business manager
Mr Edward J Kremzer, Hobart, executive director, Australian Red Cross Tasmania

Michelle Laffer, Hobart
Phil Laing, Hobart, wine writer
Professor Marilyn Lake, Melbourne, School of Historical and European Studies, La Trobe University
Sarah Lebski, Launceston, tourism consultant
Greg Lehman, Hobart, writer
Shaun Lennard, Hobart, public servant
Mr Geoff Lennox, Hobart, retired interpretation officer, Parks & Wildlife Service
Mr John Levett MLib, FALIA, Middlteon, retired academic
Dr Margaret Lindley, Hobart, historian
Mr John Linton, Hobart, retired surveyor
Dr Jennifer Livett, Hobart, retired lecturer
Louise Loane, Fingal Valley, teacher
Roger Lupton, Hobart, journalist/author/historian
Mrs Judith Lyne, Campbell Town, company director and community participant

Anne McConnell, Hobart, cultural heritage practitioner
Mrs Marie McCulloch OAM, Port Sorell, Tasmania, retired school teacher
Dr Helen MacDonald, Melbourne, historian (postdoctorate fellow, University of Melbourne)
Ian Macfarlane, Table Cape, historian
Mr Peter H MacFie, Dulcot, public historian
Professor Stuart Macintyre, Melbourne, historian
Campbell Macknight, Canberra, historian
Lorraine Macknight, Canberra, archivist
Anne McLaughlin, Launceston, heritage advisor Launceston City Council
Roger Vere McNeice OAM, Taroona, company director/author
Barry McNeill, Hobart, architect
Mrs Pat McRae, Kingston, retired physiotherapist
Mrs Linda Madill, Launceston, retired infant teacher
Tony Manley, Hobart, retired administrator
Dennis Mann, Launceston, teacher
Tony Marshall, Hobart, librarian
Chris Martin, Huonville, teacher
Ms Margaret Mason-Cox, Hobart, librarian and historian
Vicki Matson Green, Devonport
Dr Christobel Mattingley AM, Adelaide, author
Dr Vivienne Mawson, South Arm, scientific editor
Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, Launceston, lecturer in History
Dr Jenna Mead, Hobart, academic
Philip Mead, Hobart, Senior Lecturer in English, University of Tasmania
Dr Eva Meidl, Hobart, Lecturer in German at the University of Tasmania
Alison Melrose, Hobart, museum curator
Dr Neville J Mendham, Richmond, university lecturer and farmer
E Elizabeth Mercer, Hobart, retired school librarian, historical researcher
Peter G Mercer OAM, Hobart, retired museum senior curator of history
Justin Merrigan, Hobart, marketing/public relations officer, Incat
Mr Stanley Merry, Launceston, retired professional engineer (electrical and mechanical)
Ms Leonie C Mickleborough, Hobart, PhD student
Myron Mihal, Hobart, retired teacher
Lindsay Millar, Hillwood, orchardist
Ken Millbourne, Hobart, state librarian, St John Historical Society of Tasmania
Christine Milne, Hobart, Senator, Green activist and advocate
Mrs Lee Milne, Hamilton, teacher
Robert Fraser Minchin DCM, Taroona, retired regular soldier and health inspector
Mr Chris Mittelheuser, Hobart, draughtsman
Will Mooney, Hobart, student
John Morris, Launceston, retired medical practitioner
David Morris, Launceston, College Librarian, Scotch Oakburn College
Elinor Morrisby, Hobart, musician
Kayleen Mort, journalist/library technician
Emeritus Professor Ian Murfet, Hobart, retired geneticist; former student and colleague of HN Barber
Kate Murphy, Melbourne, postgraduate student

Mr Michael Nash, Hobart, maritime archaeologist
Terry Newman, Hobart, Parliamentary Librarian
Mary Nicholls, Devonport, retired archivist
Miss Cheryl Norris, Hobart, Nurse Educator, Neonatal Intensive Care

John O'Hara, Sydney, Professor of History
Jo Oliver, Cressy, Archives Assistant, Scotch Oakburn College
Yulia Onsman, Hobart, president, Tasmanian Division, Australian Democrats
Major John P Opie OAM, Hobart, retired Army major
Teodino Ottavi, Hobart, president, Italian Cultural and Welfare Association

Jean Panton, Hobart, honorary research associate
James Parker, Premaydena, consultant
Elizabeth Parkes, Lindisfarne, retired teacher
Mrs Jenny Parrott, Hobart, historian
Frances Parsons MA Dip Ed, Hobart, retired teacher/educational administrator
Jai Paterson, Launceston, museum researcher
David Paulin, Hobart, communications worker
Jan Peacock, Hobart, art educator
Chris Pearce, Hobart, bookseller
Ian Pearce, Hobart, archivist
Kim Pearce, Hobart, archivist
Vicki Pearce, Hobart, founding director, Tasmanian University Union Child Care Centre; historian
Greg Peart, Hobart, state manager Adult Education, yachting journalist and historian
Dr Stefan Petrow, Hobart, university lecturer
Adrienne Petty, Hobart, PhD candidate, Asian Languages and Studies/History and Classics, University of Tasmania
Diane Phillips, Devonport, post-graduate history student
Professor Peter Pierce, Cairns, Professor of Australian Literature
Kerry G Pink OAM, Burnie, author and retired journalist
Dr Andrew KS Piper, Armidale, research fellow
Dr Michael John Pook, Lucaston, climatologist
Associate Professor Brad Potts, Hobart, geneticist
Bruce Poulson, Hastings, History teacher, former college principal, garlic farmer
Phil Pregnell GCOM, Old Beach, state president, Apex, 1995–96
Keith Preston, Wollongong, engineer
Professor Cassandra Pybus, Lower Snug, historian and writer

Mrs Helen Quilty, Hobart, artist, historical researcher, retired science /maths teacher
Prof Patrick Quilty AM, Hobart, retired geologist
Professor Michael G Quinlan, Sydney, academic

Sarah Rackham, Hobart, retired administrator
Mr Lou Rae, Hobart, public servant/historian
Greg Ramsay, Bothwell, tourism developer
Mary Ramsay, Bothwell, active farmer's wife
Anne Rand, Hobart, research assistant for Australian Dictionary of Biography
Jeff Ransley, Hobart, retired technical officer
Alma Ranson, Paper Beach, retired teacher
Dr Eric Ratcliff, FRANZCP, Launceston, consultant psychiatrist
Patricia Fitzgerald Ratcliff, Launceston, historian
Peter Reardon, Hobart, Parliamentary Research Service
Henry Reynolds, Launceston, historian
Miss Julieanne Richards, Launceston, career
Mr Paul AC Richards, Launceston, nuclear medicine scientist, author, medical historian
Associate Professor Alastair Richardson, Hobart, Head, School of Zoology, University of Tasmania
Mr Andrew Richardson, Hobart, postgraduate student
Victoria Rigney, Hobart, writer and post graduate student in history, University of Tasmania
Dr Julie Rimes, FACE, Sandy Bay, teacher
Wendy Rimon, Hobart, postgraduate student
Margot Roe, Hobart, retired academic
Michael Roe, Hobart, retired academic
Mr Tony Roney, Launceston, District Governor Lions Tasmania 2003-2004
Mrs Dorothy Rosemann, Legana, retired librarian
Dr Bruce Rosen, Hobart, honorary research associate, History, University of Tasmania
Ms Lynette Ross, Launceston, historian
Mr Laurie F Rowston, Hobart, quantity surveyor and church historian
Asim Roy, Hobart, honorary research fellow, University of Tasmania
Dr Andrew C Rozefelds, Hobart, botanist

Kate Sainsbury, Nubeena, retired teacher
Mrs Jill Salmon, Jericho, farmer
John Sargent, Hobart, veteran hockey player
Mrs Barbara Sattler, MBE, Hobart, retired Housing Officer, University of Tasmania
Mrs Irene Schaffer, Hobart, researcher
Sally Schnackenberg, Devonport, administrator
Dr Bruce IH Scott, Hobart, retired physicist
David Scott, Hobart, general manager, Basketball Tasmania
Margaret Scott, Premaydena, writer
Marguerite Scott, Hobart and Launceston, Director, Local Government Division
Rod Scott, Launceston, editor
Helen Scott-Young, Launceston
Lindy Scripps, Hobart, consultant historian
Mrs Leone Scrivener, Hobart, retired teacher
Ms Nathalie R Servant, Launceston Tasmania, socio-historian
Glenn Shaw, Hobart, research assistant, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services
Mr Robert R Shepherd, Hobart, retired land management officer
Gwenda Sheridan, Kingston, heritage landscape research
Howard P Simco, Penguin, retired environmental health officer
Margaret Sing (formerly Thurstans), Hobart, first equal opportunity officer for State Government and for the University
Dr Irynej Skira, Hobart, wildlife biologist
Dr Brian J Smith, Launceston, Curator of Zoology, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
Chris Smith, Hobart, Principal
Miss Joy Smith, Hobart, retired education officer
Margaret D Smith, Longwarry, postal officer
Dr Peter W Smith FRACI, Hobart, retired chemist
Dr Vivian Brian Smith FAHA, Sydney, poet
Mr Wayne Smith JP, Hobart, retired finance executive, toponymist (one who studies place names)
Dianne Snowden, Richmond, historian
Father Terry Southerwood, Launceston, Catholic Dean of Northern Tasmania, diocesan historian, journalist
Dan Sprod OAM, Hobart, historian, retired book publisher
Michael Sprod, Hobart, bookseller
Colin Sproule, Glenorchy, retired government agency CEO
Deborah St Leger, Hobart, artist
Bryan Stait, Hobart, researcher
Merv Summers, Burnie, retired deputy company secretary
Mr Rudie Sypkes, Hobart, Tasmanian businessman

Dr Stephen Tanner, Perth Western Australia, Senior Lecturer in Journalism
Dr Algimantas P Taskunas OAM, Hobart, retired university administrator, lecturer, editor of Lithuanian Papers
Chris Tassell, Launceston, director of Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
Margaret Tassell, Launceston, heritage consultant
John A Taylor, Launceston, retired solicitor, author of the 'Tasmanian Dictionary of Place Names'
Dr Rebe Taylor, Melbourne, historian
Mrs Vera C Taylor, Campbell Town
Bertram Thomas, North Down, Latrobe, retired farmer
Ms Yabbo Thompson, Hobart, teacher and global education consultant
Dr Philip Thomson, Hobart, general practitioner, curator in medical history
Clive Tilsley, Launceston, bookseller
Dr John SH Tooth OAM, Hobart, psychiatrist
Bill Toppin, Hobart, Hutchins School principal
Richard Tuffin, Port Arthur, assistant archaeologist
Dr Malcolm J Turnbull, Melbourne, teacher and historian
Matthews S Tyson, Launceston, teacher, administrator

Barbara Valentine, Launceston, retired librarian
Liz Van Ommen, Cambridge, retired art teacher
Graham Vertigan, Hobart, retired TAFE/Training administration
Terry Vokes, Currie
Kenneth and Berta von Bibra, Longford, farmer and businesswoman
Michael Vos, Launceston, businessmen and pastor

John Walch, Kingston, company director
Marian Walker, Launceston, PHD history student
Dr Maggie Walter, Hobart, Sociology lecturer
Emily Warner, Hobart, Legal Policy Officer
Mrs Anne Watchorn, Hobart, retired teacher
Ms Jill Waters, Hobart, archivist
Reg A Watson, Hobart, journalist/writer
Gwenda M Webb, Launceston, retired teacher-librarian
Peter G Webb, Launceston, retired College lecturer and teacher
Mr Anthony E Webster, Hobart, mines inspector
Professor Roger Wettenhall, Canberra, public administration researcher
Rob White, Hobart, criminologist
Lindsay Whitham, Hobart, retired engineer
Bert Wicks, Hobart, thoroughbred researcher
Laura Williams, Wynyard, evaluation officer
John Williamson, Hobart, head of Humanities, Fahan School
Mr Oscar Allen Wilson, Hobart, retired highway engineer
Elisabeth Wilson, Hobart, history tutor and research assistant
Jessica Wilson, Hobart, puppet theatre director
Keith Windschuttle, Sydney, author and historian
Gillian Winter, Hobart, historian
Les Wood, Hobart, geographer
Dr David Woodward, Hobart, nutrition researcher, University of Tasmania
Mr Phillip Wright, Hobart, lawyer

Murray L Yaxley, Hobart, retired teacher
Dr David Young, Hobart, public historian