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Internationalisation at UTAS

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Welcome to the Internationalisation at UTAS website. This website provides information and links relevant to internationalisation, which at UTAS is defined as:

Internationalisation at the University of Tasmania is the integration of international, intercultural and global dimensions into the overall student and staff experience and into the teaching and learning, research and service functions of the University.

This site provides links to the UTAS Internationalisation Plan (PDF 106KB) [password required] (UPDATED JUNE 2011) and the six major goals for internationalisation at UTAS:

  1. UTAS will be internationally recognised for its research, and be a sought after partner for international collaboration.
  2. UTAS will utilise an internationalised curriculum - that is global in perspective and facilitates inter-cultural competence.
  3. UTAS will provide a quality student experience, and encourage students to take up mobility options, that prepare students academically and socially for life and careers in the globalised society.
  4. UTAS will welcome students from around the world through Onshore and TNE programs.
  5. UTAS will welcome staff from overseas institutions to UTAS, and encourage UTAS staff to engage with colleagues in other countries.
  6. UTAS will act as a catalyst to build appreciation of the benefits of internationalisation to the wider community.

Each one of the six goals has a number of identified strategies, performance indicators and timelines.

Over the coming  months this website will be expanded to provide staff, students and other stakeholders with relevant information on how UTAS is implementing the Internationalisation Plan (PDF 106KB) [password required] in the meantime if you have any queries about the plan or the goals and strategies please contact Ms Christa Moch, Executive Assistant, Office of the DVC(S&E) x3957.


Professor David Sadler

Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Students and Education