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Tasmania Online inclusion and indexing policies

Tasmania Online attempts to provide a comprehensive index to Tasmanian content on the World Wide Web.

Tasmania Online inclusion policy

For inclusion on Tasmania Online, web sites must have significant Tasmanian content, or have Tasmanian authorship, or be located on a Tasmanian server. Generally a page that only contains a graphical image, a login screen or a photograph and no other content will not be included. Web pages created by students as part of an educational program are not included.

Tasmania Online reserves the right to determine the wording and placement of any listing and to include, exclude or withdraw a site at its absolute discretion. Tasmania Online does not list pages that contain explicit material that offends common standards of decency or that involves illegal activities.

Tasmania Online will accept suggestions for new and amended listings through the online form, but Tasmania Online retains sole right to determine the wording, placement, and web address (where alternates exist) for the listing. Requests by site publishers to remove a site from Tasmania Online may be made by email to or to the postal address in the section below.

The Crown accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage, howsoever caused (whether due to negligence or otherwise), arising from your listing, or attempting to list, with the Tasmania Online service.

Objections to Tasmania Online content

Tasmania Online provides a comprehensive index to Tasmanian content on the World Wide Web and includes a range of content reflecting a variety of views and attitudes. Material is only excluded if it offends common standards of decency or involves illegal activities. As part of LINC Tasmania, Tasmania Online is committed to free and equitable access to information and provides access to web sites that reflect all facets of knowledge, including contemporary and controversial issues. It is not the role of Tasmania Online to either promote or suppress particular ideas or beliefs.

Users who wish to object to the inclusion of a web site on Tasmania Online should address such correspondence using email to or via normal mail to:

TasOnline Editor
91 Murray Street
Hobart 7000

To help Tasmania Online investigate your complaint, please provide:
- your name and contact details
- the Internet address of the Internet content and any other details required to access it
- a description of the Internet content; and
- the reason that you think the web site should not be included on Tasmania Online

Members of the Australian public are entitled to complain to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) concerning material available on the Internet that is, or may be, prohibited by law. Information about the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the issues of inappropriate Internet content, supervising and controlling children's access to Internet content, and complaint procedures can be found at the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) web site.

Linkages to Tasmania Online from other sites

Tasmania Online encourages other sites to link to its web site, but requests that web sites use a linking style that makes it clear that the user is being directed to a distinct or separate service. This can be achieved simply through the use of the name 'Tasmania Online'.

Please note that the phrase Tasmania Online is a registered business name and all rights are reserved.

Tasmania Online indexing process

Alphabetical and subject listings:

The name of the web page used in our listing is generally taken from the natural title that presents itself on the page. Web authors should note that it is their responsibility to provide a meaningful title on the web page. When web sites are suggested to us via our online form, the author can suggest a title. Tasmania Online may not use or accept titles that are not reflected on the page, or that have been supplied for the purpose of unfair or specific placement in our listings, or that are designed to draw user visits through the intentional confusion of their site with the names or titles of existing Tasmanian web sites or organisations. We will provide a second entry in the alphabetical listing only when we believe the public will search under an alternate form of title.

In order to differentiate business pages from personal pages, we may add the subject of the site to the title entry. This will be in enclosed brackets. For example Bruce Willis (plumber).

We normally only provide an alphabetical and subject link to the top level page of a web site unless subsequent pages on the web site can stand alone or represent a different corporate or organisational identity. We do not normally search for such linkages unless they are clear from the top page. Web authors may provide Tasmania Online with details of significant sub-level content using the online submission form.

The alphabetical listings are arranged by a simple alphabetical structure and we do not list titles under initial articles such as 'an' and 'the'. Numbers are filed as if they were spelled out. Within subject areas, listings are presented alphabetically by the title of the resource, and no ranking according to value or quality of the respective web sites is intended or implied.

We list most web pages under only one subject category unless a web site clearly covers multiple subject areas. Given the broad nature of our categories, some overlap occurs but it is not our policy to list sites under every category which could possibly be applied to them.

The Tasmania Online search engine

Our search engine harvests and indexes the textual content of the main page of the web sites listed on Tasmania Online. The current software in use precludes us from indexing all pages throughout a web site and if such pages constitute significant stand-alone resources, the author should apply to Tasmania Online for specific inclusion.

The Tasmania Online search engine ranks results according to relevance criteria based on the query terms entered by the user. These query terms are matched against both the text on the web site page as well as the descriptive metadata used by Tasmania Online. The search engine also applies synonyms in certain cases to improve results.

Web page publishing and web site hosting with Tasmania Online

LINC Tasmania, through the Tasmania Online service, has in the past offered non-profit community groups assistance to publish on the Internet. This service has been replaced by a similar service available through Tasmanian Communities Online.

Members of the Australian community who wish to complain about content provided by Tasmania Online publishing clients may do so to Tasmania Online or through the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) web site