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Tasmanian Emergency Management Plan Issue 6

Issue 6 was approved by the Minister for Police and Emergency Management on 23 March 2009, and it supersedes Issue 5 entirely.

Copies of Issue 5 should be destroyed or clearly marked as ‘Superseded’ and removed from general circulation.

Please email any suggestions/recommended changes for the next issue of the plan to

Download the whole Tasmanian Emergency Management Plan, or use the links below for individual sections of the plan.

Section 1 Overview
Section 2 Governance and Management
Section 3.1 Prevention and Mitigation
Section 3.2 Preparedness
Section 3.3 Response
Section 3.4 Community Recovery
Section 4 Plan Administration
Section 5 Appendices

Appendix 5.1 Map of Tasmania
Appendix 5.2 Roles of Government
Appendix 5.3 Associated Documents
Appendix 5.4 Emergency Management Committees
Appendix 5.5 Emergency Management Plans Appendix 5.6 Approaches to Developing Mitigation Strategies
Appendix 5.7 Emergency Management Contacts
Appendix 5.8 Financial Administration Guide
Appendix 5.9 Response Centre Arrangements
Appendix 5.10 State Crisis Centre Overview
Appendix 5.11 Summary of Australian Defence Force Arrangements (DFACA and DACC)
Appendix 5.12 National Principles of Disaster Recovery.

Other Plans

A range of other emergency management plans are maintained by Government Agencies. A summary list of the current plans can be seen by selecting this link


TERMP State Summary Report  December 2003 (pdf format 981 kB)

Tasmanian Lifelines Project

A report into the emergency preparedness of essential services such as:

  • Water, storm water and sewerage
  • Transportation
  • Power
  • Telecommunications

Tas Lifelines Project Report - N Region 1996 (pdf format 686 kB)

Tas Lifelines Project Report NW Region 1997 (pdf format 869 kB)

Tas Lifelines Project Report S Region 1997 (pdf format 363 kB)

Floods and You Report (pdf format 7655 kB)

Forging Links

In 2004, the State Emergency Service and the Local Government Association of Tasmania developed a workbook to assist Local Government elected members in their understanding of their emergency management responsibilities. 

Forging Links

Emergency Management and Local Government - an information kit (pdf format 597 kB)

Gazettes and Newsletters

From time to time the SES prepares gazettes with information  regarding activities and issues affecting volunteers and staff.  These are available for general viewing.

In addition some regions and units develop newsletters.  These are also available.

View the latest SES gazettes and newsletters

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