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Government employees


The State Service Commissioner is an independent statutory office holder appointed by the Governor of Tasmania and reporting directly to the Tasmanian State Parliament. The legislated powers and functions of the Commissioner are set out in Part 5 of the State Service Act 2000 (the Act).

Broadly speaking, the statutory functions of the Commissioner centre on:

  • upholding, promoting and ensuring adherence to the State Service Principles and Code of Conduct;
  • undertaking reviews of actions applied for under section 50 of the Act; and
  • the evaluation of the application within agencies of practices, procedures and standards set by the Commissioner in relation to management of, and employment in, the State Service.

In recent years, OSSC has made particular efforts to:

  • develop and refine its annual Agency Survey and biennial Employee Survey;
  • develop and implement an active and ongoing evaluation program related to State Service practices, procedures and standards;
  • to improve the content and breadth of the annual report to Parliament;
  • streamline review processes; and
  • more recently, to redevelop the OSSC website.

Employees are encouraged to investigate the website further, as it provides relevant information about employee rights and responsibilities under the Act. The site also provides an important reference point for others seeking direction and information on the statutory functions and responsibilities of the Commissioner and details of associated legislation.

In addition to the information provided here, anyone requiring further information or assistance should contact us.