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Metro Tasmania

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Metro Tasmania Pty Ltd is a state owned company established in February 1998. The company trades as Metro and operates bus services in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. Metro is the largest passenger transport company in Tasmania.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Greencard?

Greencard is like a debit card that you can use over and over again, recharging your fare credit when you run low.

Why is it called a ‘Greencard’?

Unlike our old tickets, a Greencard will last for years. A Greencard also makes it easier than ever for people to catch the bus rather than drive their car, which helps to reduce carbon dioxide emission. In other words, Greencard is more environmentally friendly than the old system.

How do I get a Greencard?

Greencards are available from Greencard agencies and Metro Offices in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie, and online at the Greencard website. When you get your card you will need to add credit to it before you can use it (minimum $5).

If you purchase an unregistered adult Greencard we recommend that you register it.

Why should I register my Greencard?

Registering enables you to check your travel history online, report a lost or stolen card, lock its use, and order a new Greencard. You can also apply to transfer unused credit from a lost or stolen Greencard to a new card.

All Adult Concession and Student cards are registered with the information supplied in the initial application.

How do I register my Greencard?

You can register your Greencard online, enter the number printed on your Greencard (front lower left hand corner) and a valid email address, then follow the 3 step process that registers your card and activates your online account.

Paper registration application forms are available from Metro ticket agents, Metro Offices in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie, and the Metro Shop in Hobart. You can also download a paper form

Take care when completing your application that you provide all the information we need – incorrect or incomplete information may result in your application not being successful.

Post your paper application to:

Greencard Registration
PO Box 61
Moonah TAS 7009

How does Greencard work?

Your Greencard is used like a debit card or an 'electronic purse'; you charge it by adding credit to it, and each time you board a bus a fare is deducted from your balance. Your Greencard is set with information including your default trip and your concession details, so the correct fare is automatically deducted and you are debited the correct amount.

How do I board a bus with my Greencard?

When you get onto the bus simply place your Greencard on the driver's ticket machine ('check-in'). The cost of your journey together with the remaining travel credit balance on your card will be displayed on the customer display facing you.

What is a default trip?

If you purchase an unregistered Adult Greencard from a Metro Office, Greencard agency or apply for a registered Adult Greencard, you will be asked to nominate your 'default trip', which is the journey that you usually travel; the nominated journey length will then be recorded on your Greencard as your default trip and the default trip fare will be deducted each time the card is presented at the start of a journey.

Adult Concession and Student Greencards do not need a default trip when used solely within the urban area, however if you travel into or out of the urban area, then that travel can be set as a default trip and will be deducted each time the card is presented at the start of a journey.

Most people will have a default trip that is from home to school or work and back again.

What if I want to travel outside my default trip?

If you want to take a bus ride that is not your default trip, simply tell the driver you want to over-ride your default trip before you swipe your card. Tell the driver where you want to go and they will set the next trip to deduct the correct fare from your Greencard.

How do I add credit to (top-up or recharge) my Greencard?

You may add credit (minimum $5) in one of three ways.

  • At a Metro office or Greencard ticket agency (using cash, credit card or EFTPOS)
  • On a bus (giving cash to the driver)
  • Online (using your credit card) – for registered Greencard holders only

Note: If you add travel credit online there may be a delay of up to two business days before the new travel credit is available to use. The My Greencard page will show a pending value that is waiting to be added to your Greencard. The transaction will continue to be displayed as pending after the 2 business days, until your card is presented on a bus for payment of your travel.

For more information about pending transactions, please call the Metro Hotline during business hours on 13 22 01

Can I get a discount if I buy lots of credit?

Greencard customers receive a 20% discount on fares.

What is the most I will pay for a day's travel?

It depends on Metro's fees at the time; however there is a 'cap' on how much you will pay in one day. The Greencard Daily Cap only applies for travel solely within the urban area.

There are two Greencard Daily Caps, the before 9.00am and the after 9.00am.

  • Example:
  • 1. If your first boarding was at 8.00am the before 9.00am cap would be applied if reached.
  • 2. If your first boarding was at 10.00am the after 9.00am cap would be applied if reached.

Once you have reached this maximum daily cap, no further credit will be deducted from your Greencard, no matter how much more you travel that day.

View the current Greencard Daily Cap fees here.

How much credit can I put on my Greencard?

The minimum top-up amount in any transaction is $5, and the maximum balance allowed on a card at any time is $500.

How do I know how much credit is left on my Greencard?

You can view your travel credit balance on the customer display when you place your card on the ticket machine as you board the bus.

There is also a indicator light on the left hand side of the customer display screen that alerts you to the remaining travel credit balance on your card.

You can also check your Greencard travel credit balance at any Metro Greencard agency, Metro Office or registered Greencard holders can log-in at to check the balance.

What if I run out of credit on my Greencard?

If you have any credit left on your card you can take one more journey, which may take your travel credit balance into debit. You should then recharge your Greencard as soon as possible so that you can continue to use it. Any debit amount owing on your balance will automatically be deducted at the time of your new credit recharge.

An example of this is: My Greencard has a balance of 90 cents when I board the bus, my bus fare costs $1.80, which is deducted from my Greencard leaving a debit or negative balance of 90 cents.

The next time I recharge my Greencard, the 90 cent debit on my Greencard will automatically be deducted from my new credit.

Please allow up to two business days if you use online credit charging for the credit to be assigned to your card.

Can I see my Greencard journey history and debits?

If you have registered your Greencard, you can view your journey history and account debits and credits by logging into your online account here.

*Note: If you add travel credit online there may be a delay of up to two business days before the new travel credit is available to use. Your Online Journey History travel credit balance will not show the updated balance until your card is next used on a bus.

What if I lose my Greencard?

If your card is lost or stolen, you must advise our Customer Service Team immediately by telephoning the Metro Hotline on 13 22 01. Your card will be 'locked' at midnight on the day that the loss is reported, and a new card issued to you. Any remaining balance, from the time that the card was locked, will be transferred to a new card.

Can anybody else use my Greencard?

A concession fare Greencard may only be used by the registered cardholder. An adult fare Greencard may be used by other travellers.

How do I dispose of my Greencard?

If you are leaving the state or no longer need to use your Greencard, please hand it in to a bus driver or Metro ticket agent or office. Alternatively, you can mail it back to Metro where it will be cancelled and recycled. (Greencard, PO Box 61, Moonah TAS 7009)

Need more information?

If you need more information, please contact the Metro Hotline on 13 22 01 or click here to send us an email enquiry.