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Metro Tasmania

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Metro Tasmania Pty Ltd is a state owned company established in February 1998. The company trades as Metro and operates bus services in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. Metro is the largest passenger transport company in Tasmania.

Urban Bus Fares

Please note that changes to fares have taken place from 1 January 2012

Metro has made changes to the way it discounts fares for Greencard users.  Previously, passengers received 25% bonus travel credit when they recharged their Greencard by a minimum amount ($20 for Adult, $15 for Adult Concession and $10 for Student). This effectively provided a 20% discount on fares when using that Greencard.  To make it easier for Greencard users to understand how much they are paying for each Metro service, the 25% bonus travel credit has been discountinued and fares are now discounted by 20% when a Greencard is used.

Single trip or daily tickets can be purchased on the bus from the bus operator with cash only.  For value and convenience, use a Metro Greencard.

Hobart - Launceston - Burnie


Adult Fares
  Ticket Type Cash Greencard  Greencard Daily Cap
First boarding
Before 9am After 9am
Short (1-4 sections) $2.60 $2.08 (b) (c)
Medium (5-10 sections) $3.80 $3.04 $8.60 $4.30
Long (11-15 sections) $5.80 $4.64    
(a) Day Rover $4.80      
Concession Fares (Health Care / Pension Card Holders, Seniors, Full Time Tas Uni and Polytechnic Students 19 Years & Over)
  All Sections $1.90 $1.52 (b) (c)
(a) Daily Tripper $3.20   $4.50 $2.90
Child / Student Fares
  All Sections $1.30 $1.04 (b) (c)
(a) Daily Tripper $3.20   $4.50 $2.90
(d) Accompanied child (No Charge)      
(less than 5 years of age)      



(a) Day Tripper & Day Rover tickets permit travel after 9:00am on Monday to Friday or all day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
(b) Applies if the first boarding is prior to 9am Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.
(c) Applies if the first boarding is after 9am Monday to Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays.
(d) Children less than 5 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible person.
Greencard Daily Travel Cap
Greencard automatically caps urban fares at a maximum daily rate. This means that once the daily cap amount is reached during the course of a day’s travel, you will pay no more for any further travel during that day.
Two daily cap levels apply, dependent upon the time of your first boarding.
If the first urban boarding is before 9.00am then the before 9.00am daily cap will apply.
If the first urban boarding is after 9.00am then the after 9.00am daily cap will apply.
A Greencard will not deduct further urban fares once a daily cap is reached.