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Heritage Listed Places

Tasmania is known for its early and important convict and colonial places, but there are many equally important examples of heritage that reflect later eras, right up to the present day. Some might be more familiar or unique, but all are important and tell us much about how Tasmania has developed over time. Tasmania's heritage is an important feature of local communities, an economic driver and a core visitor appeal.

Places entered in the Tasmanian Heritage Register are recognised as contributing to the historic cultural fabric and historic identity of Tasmania.

A place with historic heritage significance in Tasmania may be entered in one of five statutory lists or registers, according to its level of significance. These five lists are common in all Australian states and territories, and have replaced the former Australian Register of the National Estate (RNE) and National Trust classifications.

Not all places that are of heritage significance may be listed or registered. This does not mean the place is not important. It's still good to ensure that it is managed in a way that protects its heritage values and fabric. Regardless of whether or not a place is listed, if it has character, charm and history it may still be seen as being important to an individual, a community or Tasmania as a whole.

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