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The Forest Practices Authority

FPA's consultancy services

The Forest Practices Authority maintains a core group of specialists who are available to provide consultancy services in the following areas:

  • best practice codes: development and implementation of best practice codes and associated regulatory framework
  • training: development and delivery of training courses in the planning and implementation of forest practices and the protection of natural and cultural values in wood production forests
  • monitoring and assessment of forest practices: including harvesting, road construction, silvicultural systems and reforestation
  • flora and fauna: surveys, research and development of management strategies to maintain flora and fauna values, including threatened species
  • geomorphology: survey and inventory of geomorphology, management of geoheritage, assessment and management of geohazard
  • soils and water: survey and mapping of soils, assessment of erodibility and risk, development of management strategies to maintain soil and water values
  • archaeology and indigenous culture: assessment and inventory of cultural sites
  • visual landscape: assessment of scenic impact from rural developments and the design of appropriate visual landscape strategies
  • GIS/database: data analysis, data modelling, work flow automation, software selection/customisation and data management.
A copy of the FPA's consultancy policy can be found here.

For further information contact the Chief Forest Practices Officer by Email


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