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The Forest Practices Authority

Heritage and Landscape Program research and monitoring

The Heritage and Landscape Program conducts research into past and present human impacts on landscapes and forests, and the present effects on the community.

Bruce Chetwynd, the FPA’s Senior Landscape Planner, is involved in research of community values and perceptions to identify the character and significance of the visual landscape to help guide appropriate planning and management. The recent expansion of plantation forestry into traditional pastoral and agricultural properties has changed the landscapes to which residents and visitors have become accustomed. To understand these impacts, understand the community view and to establish design principles to ensure this type of forestry is integrated into the landscape is of major research interest.

Cultural landscapes are those places that represent the work of nature and man. These include: landscapes designed and created intentionally by man; organically evolved relict landscapes or a continuing landscape; or those landscapes which may be valued because of the religious, artistic or cultural associations of the natural element. The FPA is in a unique position to integrate the management of forest operations to assess both the visual and the cultural aspects of landscapes.

Denise Gaughwin, the FPA’s Cultural Heritage Manager, in collaboration with Dianne Snowden from the University of Tasmania, is continuing the analysis of the Irish patriot, Thomas Francis Meagher, hut at Lake Sorell.

Research continues on the Aboriginal land use patterns exposed through forestry based surveys. 

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