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Service Tasmania customer survey 2011

Service Tasmania staff member helping a customer

Service Tasmania regularly surveys its customers to measure their satisfaction. Read a snapshot of the latest survey results below or read the full report:

Service Tasmania collected feedback from 1,093 shop, phone and internet customers throughout May and June 2011.

Here’s what the survey found:

  • Overall, 98 per cent of customers said Service Tasmania had met their expectations, in fact, 58 per cent indicated their expectations were exceeded.
  • 94 per cent of customers indicated they were either satisfied (27 per cent) or very satisfied (67 per cent) with the service received.
  •  93 per cent of respondents indicated they usually chose the shop as their preferred method of contacting government. 87 per cent of survey responses also reported they would still choose to visit a Service Tasmania shop even if all services were available by other methods.
  • Customers were asked to rate their agreement with a series of positive statements related to their last Service Tasmania experience. A high agreement index figure of 91.3 was recorded in response to the statement “I was treated fairly”. Other statements that rated very highly included, “I was informed of everything I had to do”, “Staff were knowledgeable and competent” and “Staff went the extra mile”.
  • Timeliness of service rated well – nine in 10 callers, and two thirds of shop visitors, experienced no wait or only a short wait when using Service Tasmania. Longer waits did not necessarily equate to lower levels of satisfaction.
  • The survey confirmed that a growing percentage of Tasmanians would prefer to pay government bills, change their address or download forms or applications online. Two thirds of all survey respondents said nothing stopped them from using Service Tasmania Online (even if they had not used it for their most recent transaction), although this left one third who still had some concerns using the internet.

Service Tasmania is now using the results to build a picture of its customers and how they want their services from government delivered. It is also addressing areas for improvement identified through the survey. The surveys will be conducted regularly to ensure Service Tasmania continues to understand its customers’ needs.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email Georgia McNamara in the Service Tasmania Unit

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