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About DPAC

The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC) is a central agency of the Tasmanian State Government. DPAC provides a broad range of services to Cabinet, other members of Parliament, government agencies and the community. DPAC works closely with the public sector, the community, local government, the Australian Government and other state and territory governments.

The Department also provides administrative support to the State Service Commissioner and the Tasmania Together Progress Board, and the Tasmanian Community Fund. Each of these bodies is separately accountable and reports directly to Parliament. 

DPAC has over 350 staff, located predominantly in Hobart.


A respected and valued agency that leads an accountable, professional and collaborative public service.

Our purpose

The Department supports the Premier and Cabinet in achieving the Government's vision for Tasmania. We do this by providing strategic policy advice; leading whole-of-government initiatives; and supporting the machinery of government.

Our goals

  • Goal 1: To lead the development of policy advice, direction and whole-of-government coordination.
  • Goal 2: To provide comprehensive, timely and accurate services that support the machinery of
  • Goal 3: To deliver ICT services that enhance whole-of-government capability.
  • Goal 4: To have efficient and effective processes that underpin a supportive and challenging workplace.

To find out more about the Department's goals, read the DPAC Strategic Plan 2010-13.

Our values

  • Professional: We aim for excellence and act with integrity and impartiality.
  • Accountable: We are focussed on achievement, open to questioning and responsible for our actions.
  • Collaborative: We respect and value the expertise of others and seek to work in partnership.
  • Forward looking: We plan so we can be responsive to future needs.
  • Connected to the community: We seek to understand and engage with the community and communities of interest.
  • Supportive: We seek to provide a family-friendly and flexible workplace that fosters mutual respect and open communication.


The Department of Premier and Cabinet reports to:

Lara Giddings MP

Bryan Green MP
Minister for Local Government

Cassy O'Connor MP
Minister for Climate Change
Minister for Community Development
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Michelle O'Byrne MP
Minister for Children

Scott Bacon MP
Minister for Veterans' Affairs

The Department reports to the Premier and Minister through the Department's Secretary, Rhys Edwards.



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