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Executive Division

The Division manages the executive government processes including administrative support for Executive Government bodies such as Cabinet and the Executive Council, coordination of State protocol, security, communications and other matters.

The services provided include preparation, scrutiny and processing of documents, advice to the Governor, Ministers and departments on procedures and administrative policy (including whole-of-Government communications), management of official visits, State receptions and functions, coordination of the honours and award nomination processes and participation in national counter-terrorism processes.  The Division also provides communications and marketing support to departmental offices.

The Executive Division's Office of the Secretary provides support to the Secretary and acts as the primary link between the Department and the Office of the Premier.

Further information is available on this website on the:

Caretaker Conventions

Updated Caretaker Conventions for the 2010 State Election are available:

Guidelines and policies:

Government Members' HandbookPDF icon(PDF, 635 KB)

Code of Conduct Government Members of ParliamentPDF icon(PDF, 228 KB)
Receipt and Giving of Gifts and Benefits – Guidelines for Government Members of Parliament PDF icon(PDF, 110 KB)
Policy and Guidelines for the Allocation and Use of Tasmanian Government Motor Vehicles
Tasmanian Government Communications Policy
Tasmanian Government Style Guide and Logo Policy

See also:

Right to Information
Personal Information Protection Policy
Tasmanian Government Communications website

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Executive Division 
Phone: 03 6233 2932
Fax: 03 6223 8609

Office of the Secretary
Phone: 03 6233 2932
Fax: 03 6223 8609

Cabinet Office
Phone: 03 6270 5659
Fax: 03 6233 2201

Executive Council Secretariat
Phone: 03 6270 5669
Fax: 03 6233 2201

State Protocol Office
Phone:  03 6270 5667
Fax: 03 6233 3345

Office of Security and Emergency Management
Phone: 03 6270 5470
Fax: 03 6233 9242

Communications and Marketing Unit
Phone:  03 6270 5474

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