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ChemSafe Homes Tasmania

 All Tasmanians now have the chance to correctly dispose of unwanted chemicals lying around the home.

Chemicals accepted at drop-off sites include all garden, kitchen, and garage chemicals, fuels, oils, lubricants, paints, thinner, solvents, poisons and many more.


In a nutshell, householders gather up their chemicals in a sturdy box or container and carefully drive to a drop-off site. Follow instructions given by the operator, stay in your car and your chemicals will be removed - FOR FREE.

The program is jointly funded by a DPIPWE Living Environment Program (LEP) grant and the 29 councils in Tasmania. Environmental benefits are expected through the increased resource recovery, treatment and correct disposal of household hazardous waste, and diversion of such waste from entering landfills, wastewater systems and the environment.

Launch Day - Mayor Barry Easther












The Minister for the Environment, Parks and Heritage Michelle O'Byrne and Local Government Association of Tasmania President, Mr Barry Easther, jointly launched "ChemSafe Homes Tasmania" on 20th October 2009 at the Launceston City Council Depot, 50 Remount Road, Mowbray.

"This is a chance for all Tasmanians to help make their home hazard free by cleaning out their household chemical clutter and safely disposing them at designated drop-off points across the state," Ms O'Byrne said.

"Not only will it create safer homes, but will add to our understanding of quantities and types of chemicals used, and help us better manage chemical waste." said Mr Easther.


The following items or categories WILL NOT be accepted at drop-off days

Motor Oil - contact your local council for disposal locations

Asbestos - contact your local council for disposal advice

Ammunition and explosives - Contact your local Police Station

Farm Chemicals - ChemClear is coming back to Tasmania, collecting unwanted agricultural and veterinary chemicals for safe recycling and disposal.

There is a great opportunity to dispose of any unwanted and unknown ag and vet chemicals via the ChemClear program in December. Register your chemicals by November 20th with ChemClear by calling 1800 008 182. There are two classifications of farm chemicals - Group 1 and Group 2. A fee for disposal applies to Group 2 products which may include chemicals such as Dieldrin, DDT, 2-4-D or Arsenic. More information is available from the ChemClear registration line or visit

National ChemClear program manager Lisa Nixon said, "The kinds of ag and vet chemicals we collect are used by farmers, rural retail stores, veterinary practices, councils, agricultural business such as aerial and ground spray contractors, golf courses, turf managers and councils just to name a few.

"There are many industries that use ag and vet type chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides that have limited access to a regular disposal service," she said.

Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors - contact TasFire Equipment on 03 6233 8518

Chemicals from commercial businesses - Contact Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment. Phone 03 6233 6518 or visit



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