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Waste Management

The State Government should assist Councils with the establishment of effective waste management practices, by undertaking the following:

  • Assisting with identifying markets for recycled products.
  • Provision of recycling guidance and expertise.
  • Instigation of public education programs (GM 1993, 2000)


Costs of Waste Management

The principles of 'user pays' and 'polluter pays' should be applied where possible in addressing the issue of charging for waste management services.

The State Government should provide adequate resources for waste management to enable Councils to achieve associated legislative and community standards.

Local Government acknowledges the benefits of Life Cycle Accounting in identifying the true costs associated with waste management and will endeavour to implement it where practicable.


Chemsafe Homes Tasmania

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Local Government is strongly committed to the introduction of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable recycling schemes.

Local Government resolves to become a signatory to the strengthened National Packaging Covenant. (GM August 2005)

Local Government supports the removal of regulatory barriers that unnecessarily restrict the wide implementation of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable recycling schemes, waste avoidance and reduction, and materials re-use and recycling.

Local Government supports the development of expanded markets for recyclables through influencing government policy and committing to promoting and marketing recycled products.


Domestic Waste Collection

Domestic waste should be collected and treated in an effective manner to minimise the impact on community health and the environment.


Landfill Management

The development of landfill license conditions and standards should involve genuine consultation with Local Government.

The implementation of higher standards of landfill management should be phased in over time to allow for long term financial planning.


Waste Management Disposal Levy

The introduction of a waste management disposal levy is an unacceptable impost on Councils and communities that is strongly opposed by Local Government.


Presentations and reports

LGAT presented at the Managing Waste in a Changing Climate Conference in Launceston, March 2009.
Attached is a copy of the Powerpoint Presentation and an audio reading of the presentation.

Powerpoint Presentation.

Audio Presentation.

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