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Reports and Submissions

Partnership Agreements
Second Statewide Partnership Agreement on Communication and Consultation Second%20Statewide%20Partnership%20Agreement%20on%20Communication%20and%20Consultation (312 kb)
Statewide Partnership Agreement on Climate Change December 2008 Statewide%20Partnership%20Agreement%20on%20Climate%20Change%20December%202008 (554 kb)
Tripartite Agreement on Population Ageing Tripartite Agreement on Population Ageing (98 kb)
Partnership Agreement on Communication & Consultation Partnership Agreement (354 kb)
Financial Reform Agreement Financial Reform Agreement (300 kb)
Partnership Agreement -Tasmania Together Partnership Agreement -Tasmania Together (186 kb)


Discussion Papers
Local Government Sustainability Consultation Paper - October 2010
Audit Committees in Local Government May 2008 Audit%20Committees%20in%20Local%20Government%20%20May%202008 (178 kb)
Local Government Board June 2006 Local Government Board June 2006 (28 kb)
Local Government Sustainability March 2006 Local Government Sustainability March 2006 (300 kb)
Green Waste Report 2005 Green Waste Report 2005 (420 kb)


National Draft Street Lighting Strategy - LGAT Response September 2011 National%20Draft%20Street%20Lighting%20Strategy%20-%20LGAT%20Response%20September%202011 (447 kb)
Budget Submission 2011-2012 Budget%20Submission%202011-2012 (247 kb)
Submission to Kelty Round Table - 2011 Submission%20to%20Kelty%20Round%20Table%20-%202011 (286 kb)
COAG Road Reform Plan Feasibility Study Submission Feb 2011 COAG%20Road%20Reform%20Plan%20Feasibility%20Study%20Submission%20Feb%202011 (184 kb)
Common Key Elements Template 2010 Common%20Key%20Elements%20Template%202010 (499 kb)
Response to Aust. Energy Regulator Aug 2010 Response%20to%20Aust.%20Energy%20Regulator%20Aug%202010 (139 kb)
Pro Forma to Tranche 4 Fallback Contract Electricity Pro%20Forma%20to%20Tranche%204%20Fallback%20Contract%20Electricity (84 kb)
Review of Drains Act 1954 2010 Submission Review%20of%20Drains%20Act%201954%202010%20Submission (278 kb)
State Coastal Policy 2010 State%20Coastal%20Policy%202010 (215 kb)
Standards for Single Dwellings Standards%20for%20Single%20Dwellings (14 kb)
Historic Heritage Bill April 2010 Historic%20Heritage%20Bill%20April%202010 (219 kb)
Budget Submission 2010-2011 Budget%20Submission%202010-2011 (211 kb)
Response to WST Building Regs 2004 Proposed Amendments Response%20to%20WST%20Building%20Regs%202004%20Proposed%20Amendments (203 kb)
Cats Bill Oct 09 Cats%20Bill%20Oct%2009 (230 kb)
Bushfire Prone Areas Bushfire%20Prone%20Areas (127 kb)
Right to Information - Sept 09 Right%20to%20Information%20-%20Sept%2009 (250 kb)
Submission on the National Waste Policy Submission%20on%20the%20National%20Waste%20Policy (172 kb)
Proposed changes to the Tasmanian Planning System Proposed%20changes%20to%20the%20Tasmanian%20Planning%20System (181 kb)
TASSIC Statement of Strategic Intent TASSIC%20Statement%20of%20Strategic%20Intent (222 kb)
A Social Inclusion Strategy for Tasmania A%20Social%20Inclusion%20Strategy%20for%20Tasmania (219 kb)
Cat Management in Tasmania Cat%20Management%20in%20Tasmania (257 kb)
CPRS Green Paper July 08 CPRS%20Green%20Paper%20July%2008 (213 kb)
Housing Affordability Fund Consultation - July 08 Housing%20Affordability%20Fund%20Consultation%20-%20July%2008 (271 kb)
Review of the Planning System - June 08 Review%20of%20the%20Planning%20System%20-%20June%2008 (189 kb)
Climate Change and Environmental Impacts on Coastal Communities June 2008 Climate%20Change%20and%20Environmental%20Impacts%20on%20Coastal%20Communities%20June%202008 (257 kb)
Elected Member Allowance Inquiry Submission 2008 Elected%20Member%20Allowance%20Inquiry%20Submission%202008 (341 kb)
Submission for Reform of Water and Sewerage Services in Tasmania Submission%20for%20Reform%20of%20Water%20and%20Sewerage%20%20Services%20in%20Tasmania (170 kb)
Local Government Response to Draft Waste Management Strategy for Tasmania Local%20Government%20Response%20to%20Draft%20Waste%20Management%20Strategy%20for%20Tasmania (130 kb)

Productivity Commission assessing Local Government Revenue Raising Capacity
Submission into Affordable Housing in Tasmania Submission%20into%20Affordable%20Housing%20in%20Tasmania (243 kb)

Local Government Board Review - LGAT Response to Issues Paper February 2007
Local Government Response on Waste Levy Local Government Response on Waste Levy (49 kb)
Regional Waste May 2006 Regional Waste May 2006 (49 kb)
Submission to Productivity Commission Inquiry into Waste Generation & Resource Efficiency Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Waste Generation and Resource Efficiency (138 kb)
Review of the Distribution of Local Roads Grants Jan 2006 Review of the Distribution of Local Roads Grants Jan 2006 (161 kb)
Better Planning Outcomes 2005 Better Planning Outcomes 2005 (139 kb)
Cost Shifting Submission 2004 Cost Shifting Submission 2004 (160 kb)


Community Satisfaction Survey 2011 - Final Report Community%20Satisfaction%20Survey%202011%20-%20Final%20Report (512 kb)
Community Satisfaction Survey 2011 App A Community%20Satisfaction%20Survey%202011%20App%20A (49 kb)
Community Satisfaction Survey 2011 App B Community%20Satisfaction%20Survey%202011%20App%20B (113 kb)
Framework for Long-Term Financial & Asset Management Planning for all Tasmanian Councils Management%20Planning%20for%20all%20Tasmanian%20Councils (2606 kb)
Community Satisfaction Survey Regional Supplement Community%20Satisfaction%20Survey%20Regional%20Supplement (578 kb)
Financial Sustainability Report March 2007 Financial%20Sustainability%20Report%20March%202007 (821 kb)
Review of Water and Sewerage Response Paper February 2007


Debt Funding Guidelines May 2008 Debt%20Funding%20Guidelines%20May%202008 (139 kb)
Recreational Vehicles Guidelines Recreational%20Vehicles%20Guidelines (214 kb)
Human Pandemic Influenza BCG Feb 2008 Human%20Pandemic%20Influenza%20BCG%20Feb%202008 (377 kb)
Framework for the Development of Code of Conduct Model Code of Conduct (241 kb)
Code for Tenders & Contracts Code%20for%20Tenders%20and%20Contracts (271 kb)
Personal Information Act 2004 Guidelines for Councils Guidelines Personal Information Act 2004 (304 kb)


Other policy and project documents can be found in the relevant area under Policy and Projects on this website. Click on the following to access these:

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