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The Parliament of Tasmania from 1856


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House of Assembly Legislative Council
Officers of the House of Assembly Officers of the Legislative Council
Speakers - House of Assembly Presidents - Legislative Council
Premiers Leaders of the Government - Legislative Council
Ministers - House of Assembly Ministers - Legislative Council
Chairs of Committees - House of Assembly Chairmen of Committees - Legislative Council
Combined Officer List
MLC's Colonial Period 1825 - 1855
Tasmanian Labor Party Leaders
Tasmanian Liberal Party Leaders
Tasmanian Greens Leaders
Women Parliamentarians

A record of Members and Officers, and a key to the photographic record on display in the Long Room, House of Assembly.
Photographs are taken when first elected.
Compiled in the Office of the Clerk of the House of Assembly.

The following Officers of the Parliament have contributed to the compilation of this Record since its inception in 1944:-

C.K. Murphy, CBE
L.A. Thompson
N. Foale
B.G. Murphy
P.T. McKay, AM
P.R. Alcock
S.G. Donnelly
B. Roberts
P.J. Hancox