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Bills introduced into Parliament - 2011

  Bill last updated
Canal Estates (Prohibition) 15 of 2011View bill progress16/03/2011
Community Protection (Offender Reporting) Amendment 18 of 2011View bill progress18/04/2011
Consolidated Fund Appropriation (Supplementary Appropriation for 2010-2011) 17 of 2011View bill progress29/04/2011
Constitution Amendment (Legislative Council Proceedings) Bill 2011 19 of 2011View bill progress14/04/2011
Constitution Amendment (Membership of State Parliament) Bill 21 of 2011View bill progress15/04/2011
Disability Services 20 of 2011View bill progress15/04/2011
Electricity Supply Industry (Lower Power Prices for all Tasmanians) 16 of 2011View bill progress18/04/2011
Fire Service Amendment 5 of 2011View bill progress29/04/2011
Growing the Tasmanian Economy (Planning Reform) 9 of 2011View bill progress15/03/2011
Health Service Establishments Amendment 2 of 2011View bill progress12/04/2011
Monetary Penalties Enforcement (Miscellaeous Amendments) 12 of 2011View bill progress29/04/2011
Motor Vehicle Traders 4 of 2011View bill progress6/04/2011
Occupational Licensing National Law 1 of 2011View bill progress29/04/2011
Pulp Mill Assessment Repeal 6 of 2011View bill progress8/03/2011
Racing Regulation Amendment (Race Fields) 3 of 2011View bill progress5/04/2011
Right to Information Amendment 13 of 2011View bill progress15/03/2011
Supporting Local Business and Jobs (Local Benefits Test) 10 of 2011View bill progress15/03/2011
Supporting Local Business and Jobs (Reducing Red Tape) 11 of 2011View bill progress15/03/2011
Surrogacy 7 of 2011View bill progress18/04/2011
Surrogacy (Consequential Amendments) 8 of 2011View bill progress18/04/2011
Vexatious Proceedings 14 of 2011View bill progress15/03/2011
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