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The current staff of the Parliamentary Library and Parliamentary Research Service include:


Parliamentary Librarian
Government Publications Librarian
Reference Resources Librarian
e-Services Librarian
Library Technicians
Clerical Officer


Research Co-ordinator
Senior Research Officers


The staff provide a wide range of library services, including several unique services available only from the Parliamentary Library. The following is a brief list of the general Library services available:

Inter-library loans and document delivery service
Items will be obtained for clients from a wide variety of sources.

Reference and information services
Comprehensive information services are provided on request to fit individual timeframes.

Intermediary service
Access to information sources ensuring anonymity.

Internet resources and education
The Library has many resources available online through the Parliament Intranet. An Internet Guide of moderated useful web sites is available also.Library staff will provide training on using our online resources and other Parliament information sources.

A photocopier is available in the Library that can also be used for scanning.

Newspaper Clippings
Major Tasmanian daily papers are scanned for political items, both by subject and by mention of individual Parliamentarians. The daily clippings from the Advocate, Examiner and Mercury are available on the Parliamentary Intranet. The searchable database from 2004 is accessable on the Intranet and earlier clippings are stored on microfiche and electronic archive files dating from the late 1960s.

Television Monitoring
News broadcasts are captured electronically each day (including Stateline). Electronic files and DVDs can be provided to members on request.

Radio Monitoring
ABC Hobart Radio programmes are captured electronically and include Breakfast, AM, Statewide Mornings, Country Hour, The World Today, Afternoons, Drive, PM. ABC Launceston programmes captured include Breakfast, Afternoons and Drive. Audio files can be emailed to Members on request.

Transcription Service
Transcripts can be provided for Members of items monitored on TV and radio.

Parliamentary Backgrounders
A series of information sheets relating to the Tasmanian Parliament, Parliamentary procedures and history are available online and in print for Members to present to constituent groups.

On-Line Databases
The Library has access to several commercial databases, for example local and interstate newspapers.

Library Databases
The Library creates range of databases for Members:

A database indexing questions in both Houses.

Bills database
A database tracking the status of a Bill and electronic access to extrinsic material for bills since 2002.

Parliamentary Papers Index
A database of Parliamentary Papers from 1952 to current.

Current Awareness Readings
Items of topical interest are scanned into a database from which Members are advised of their availability. The database is searchable for full-text information resources.

Members database
Biographical about Members and former Members.

(Services available to members only)

The Parliamentary Research Service exists within the neutral environment of the Library, to provide Members with written or oral briefings on subjects of interest to them.

The scope of research activity includes:

  • Oral Briefings - confidential personal briefing
  • Research Notes - confidential brief research paper
  • PRS Papers - research papers on request
  • Intranet - statistics and research documents
  • Parliamentary Committee Research Support

The Parliamentary Research Service serves:

  • All Members of Parliament
  • Staff of Members
  • Parliamentary Committees and Staff
  • Officers of the Parliament

All Parliamentary Research Service work is confidential.The Information and Research Services of the Parliamentary Library and Parliamentary Research Service are aimed at assisting Members access current and useful information to assist them with their work.

Phone: (03) 6233 2244

Parliamentary Research Service
Phone: (03) 6233 2524


Juliet Webster

Dr Bryan Stait


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