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In 1976 Leighland Christian School commenced with just 36 students in Ulverstone.  This year, there are more than 600 students from Kindergarten to Year 12, with campuses in both Ulverstone and Burnie.  We are a well established school community committed to Christian family values and providing a significant range of educational opportunities and experiences.

Parents in Partnership
This is a vital element of our community as there has always been a strong commitment and involvement by the parent Association who actually own the school.  This Christian Parent Association elects a Board of Management, who then establish the policies for the school by providing overall governance and ensuring a sound strategic direction. 

Fostering this important partnership with parents and providing an environment of nurturing and caring for students is a key attribute of the school, one which builds a strong sense of community and ownership for everyone who is involved.

Mission and Vision
The school’s mission is to be;  “A Christ Centred Community in the Pursuit of Excellence” and our vision is “to be a Christ-centred community, committed to educational excellence across a Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum, supported by an organisation dedicated to best practice.  Within this multi-campus Christian parent-controlled school, each individual will be nurtured towards achieving their full potential for a life of service”. 

Little Learners
Leighland Christian School is running a fun Early Literacy and Numeracy Program to help prepare children for school.  It is open to all families (not only those currently associated with the school) and will run on Tuesday mornings for 6 weeks starting on July 24 at Burnie. The program will also run in Ulverstone from September.   A total cost of $15 will cover the entire 6 week program. 

Call 64317778 or 040918448 or email us for further information

Playgroup and Kindergarten
The school offers Kindergarten for three full days each week at Burnie and Ulverstone with Playgroups also active at both campuses throughout the school year.  Join with other new parents and share the experience and excitement of your child’s first year at school. Playgroup provides an important stepping-stone for younger children to begin their educational journey. 

Senior Secondary
Years 11 and 12 are well established and provide continuity for students without the dislocation at the end of Year 10 to attend a larger college to complete their pre tertiary studies. With small class sizes and a range of subjects available you can expect to be encouraged and supported in your educational goals.

Modern Facilities and Resources
Both campuses have excellent facilities in Burnie and Ulverstone.  This includes a modern technology and science area, a spacious and well-equipped resource centre and opportunities for students to access computers and technology-based learning and music programs.  These well appointed schools help create a stable and positive environment for your child. 

Affordable Education

There are a number of fee payment options available, and fee policies exist to ensure Christian education is not outside the reach of families. 

For more information enquiries should be made with the Business Manager, Mr David Grey

Caring and Qualified Teaching Staff
Our qualified teaching staff underpin the ethos of our community, providing education and instruction that is relevant and fundamental to students developing their gifts, abilities and life skills.  We are committed to your child’s well being and support their desire to learn.

Enrolments for 2010
Now is an ideal time to investigate the options available to your family. You can to meet with our staff, view our facilities and see what is available in 2010.

Click here to fill in an Enrolment Enquiry Form

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