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Home cooking fire risk

In the United States, nearly 50 percent of structural fires across Minnesota last year were caused by cooking-gone-wrong. And in 2007, the figure was 45 percent.

Cooking is a consistent leading causes of structural fires according to statistics from the state's Fire Marshal’s Office. Burn injuries to occupants are also common when cooking gets out of hand and requires a firefighter callout.

Grease fires can be very dangerous, particularly where people follow their instincts and throw water at the fire, causing an explosive steam reaction, or burning oil boil-over.

Fire Chief Joel McColl says if water is added to an outside turkey fryer, the explosion can result in a 30-foot high fireball. In a kitchen, it hits the ceiling and can fill the entire room. McColl also advises against throwing sugar or flour on a grease fire, as just one cup of either can create the explosive force equal to two sticks of dynamite.

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