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David Llewellyn

David Llewellyn

David Llewellyn is an experienced and effective minister, demonstrated by the breadth and depth of his current portfolio responsibilities:

Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Minister for Energy and Resources

Minister for Planning 

David’s ministerial responsibilities are in areas of long-held interest to him and to which he has a committed and long term approach.

David is committed to a fair, safe and equitable market place by promoting social justice through advice and information to both consumers and business regarding their rights and responsibilities.

He is also committed to a corrective services environment that enables people who are found guilty of offences to achieve socially responsible behaviour thereby reducing re offending and contributing to a safer society within the family and the community.

 “My vision in relation to Primary Industries and Water is that the State continues to farm and fish sustainably with economic growth and environmental and social responsibility. Agriculture and fisheries are vital sectors of the Tasmanian economy returning $2 billion each year,” he said.

“Of course, we need to remain globally-competitive and use our natural assets to our best advantage. Water is one of our greatest advantages.  I have aggressively pursued improved water storage and delivery infrastructure by addressing flaws in dam approval legislation and establishing the Irrigation Development Board to develop close to half a billion dollars investment in new irrigation projects over the next few years.”

“At the same time, I will continue to work towards the eradication of foxes and the implementation of strategies to protect the Tasmanian Devil and other threatened species."

In the energy sector, Labor has secured this State’s energy future over the past years through the connection to natural gas and Basslink. David believes we can maintain and build upon our competitive natural advantage in the energy market particularly in the growth of our wind energy potential both in Tasmania and mainland Australia. He is determined to maximise our potential in this regard.

Sustainable development of Tasmania’s abundant natural and mineral resources is a central commitment of the Government and necessary for the benefit of the Tasmanian community. David is approaching Tasmania’s resource management in a way that considers the economic, environmental and social impacts of resource development to ensure Tasmania’s resources are developed responsibly and sustainably.

David first entered politics in 1986 from a successful career in electronic engineering.  He has shown a strong personal commitment to the people of Tasmania, both as a member of the State Parliament for the past 20 years and a Cabinet Minister.

Since entering Parliament, he has held many positions including Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries and Minister for Forests (1989-92), Minister for Primary Industries, Water and Environment (1998–2002), Minister for Health and Human Services (2002-2006), Deputy Premier 2004 – 2006, Member of the Cabinet Budget Sub-Committee and Member of numerous standing and select committees of Parliament. David is also a former Chair of Anglicare Tasmania and of the Anglican Synod of Tasmania.

David is widely-recognised for this honesty and integrity, tenacity and practical approach to problem-solving.  He has assisted countless people and organisations throughout Tasmania over the years.


Contact Details 

Level 1, Public Buildings,
Franklin Square,

Ph: 6233 6454
Fax: 6233 2272