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The Premier, Ministers and Government Members met with Meander Valley residents on Sunday 19th July for a regional community forum in Deloraine.

The Premier, David Bartlett opened the Deloraine community forum by highlighting the importance of the Meander region in the plan to make Tasmania the foodbowl of Australia. Due to the massive water resources available in the Meander Dam and the construction of four Meander Dam pipelines including the Rubicon, Quamby/Osmaston, Caveside/Dairy-Plains and Hagley, Mr Bartlett said that there is the potential to turn years of drought into decades of plenty.

Prior to the forum, the Premier turned the first sod on Meander Dam’s Rubicon Pipeline at Ashgrove Farm Dam, marking the commencement of work on the pipeline.

The 11km pipeline is one of four being constructed and is an important part of the State Government’s persistent irrigation agenda, which will deliver around $400 million worth of water investment to regional communities across Tasmania.

Mr Bartlett said the pipelines were extending the irrigation benefits of the highly-successful Meander Dam – another critical project the State Government had shown leadership to deliver. 

“Water is the essential ingredient and that is why the State Government is rolling out irrigation infrastructure projects around Tasmania worth a total of $400 million.

“We are absolutely committed to delivering irrigation water to regional farming communities across Tasmania to underpin our ‘paddock to plate’ foodbowl strategy.

“It’s great to see a successful project like Meander Dam expanding its footprint but, more importantly, it’s fantastic to see the output of the project in the form of value-added products like Ashgrove Farm Cheese underpinned by the extra irrigation water. 

“This is another example of tangible on-the-ground action to back-up that vision for supporting our regional communities.

"The Rubicon Pipeline has a capacity of 45 mega litres (ML) per day and has a budget construction cost of $4.6 million and, so far, 20 irrigators have subscribed to have the scheme fully-allocated,” Mr Bartlett said.

On Monday 20th July, Cabinet met with the Meander Valley Council and participated in community and business visits in the surrounding area.